County Clerk debate tonight!

6-7 pm at Heartland Community College – Community Commons building.

Kathy Michael – Nikita Richards

Should be fun!


7 thoughts on “County Clerk debate tonight!

  1. Does everybody have their debate bingo cards? Ok, fill up your cards, folks. Here goes… Nikita: diversity, inclusion, disenfranchised, access, ISU, students, destroyed (computer). Kathy: evidence, agenda, socialist, websites, web surfing, churches, IRS status. I’m missing some, help me out here…


  2. Sorry, off topic, but I just drove by Grossonger Motors, and all of then Grossonger signs are covered with “Under New Management.” The coliseum should be renamed the “Under New Management Arena.”

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      1. Diane has said she doesn’t allow off topic, drive by statements…….unless you are part of the Cult.


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