The Pantagraph is the problem, not the Russians

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m not supposed to be anywhere near a computer screen with a concussion, but some things have to be said.

The media is not the enemy of the people, they are the enemy of the truth.

I have reports from multiple sources that the Pantagraph hasn’t printed at least 20 Letters to the Editor supporting Kathy Michael.  Maybe they can’t afford the paper.

One person emailed them about his letter.  They claim they don’t have room.  Maybe they will print them on-line.  Maybe.

They have no problem printing letters for Kathy’s opponent, which isn’t all bad.  One yesterday made it clear that fundamental transformation is the goal if she is elected.  We saw that for 8 years, what to see it locally?  Especially with elections?

One more thing:

Voting for Betsy Dirksen Londrigan is the same as voting for this:

Think before you vote!



23 thoughts on “The Pantagraph is the problem, not the Russians

  1. Perhaps the socialist news Pantagraph didn’t have any room left after filling their pages with hate filled anti-Trump propaganda?

  2. The editorial board already endorsed Richards. Of course there would be no room to contradict their own opinion even though there are plenty of people who are better informed and support Kathy Micheals.

    1. She brags about how and why she got into politics. She was mad about Trump’s election, so she took a class from the Democrat National Committee, on how to run for office.

      So that’s it. That’s her “experience.”

  3. And I’ve heard they haven’t printed letters from people supporting Democrats either. It’s THEIR paper, not yours. It’s probably about the amount of space available, repetition, and the fact that these letters do little to sway opinion, so calm down.

    1. There is no space limitation on the internet version you idiot. If there were Dianne probably would not waste the space on your comments. Although it is obvious your name should be “self serve”.

  4. Fortunately, the Age of Information and the rise of Social Media has given us alternatives to establishment media outlets like the Pantagraph. From the beginning, rulers have used information, the lack of information, distorted information, lies, half-truths, and propaganda as tools to control populations. Knowledge is power…. and the establishment and their lapdogs (like the media) want desperately to do what they want, when they want, with YOU not knowing what is going on. The Pantagraph can try as it might, to censor opposing views…publish only Nikita positive letters or whatever. But in the end, today it is hard to hide the truth. Nikita is a diversity darling with no qualifications running on a imaginary issue that she made up out of thin air. And as I write this, my words are being etched into a online search engine that will hold my words like they are carved in stone forever. The mainstream media outlets have no chance against (we the people) now. We can talk back… we can challenge…we can demand the truth and everything is online for anyone and everyone to read. So let them delete our comments (happens to me all the time)…. let them lie… let them not report….let them report only the establishment side… Those who want to seek out the truth can find it now and for the rest… they will always be sheep driven toward establishment mind control corrals where they will remain blissfully ignorant of the truth.

    1. Fox did win Don’s fake news award, they garnered 61% of the Vote and Don didn’t talk about that anymore !!!

      Kinda like Don’s Voter Fraud Commission, they caught One Republican in Colorado who was convicted. Don disbanded the Commission and called it the day after that.

        1. He doesn’t know about Uranium 1? He has a direct neural connection to CNN. He salivates when the words Trump & Russia are used by anyone. Like I said before… people who suffer from the advanced form of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) like Mr. Brownstain will be particularly at risk for cranial explosions starting around 9 PM on November 6th, as it becomes apparent that the Democrats have been wiped off the map by the GOP. So if you know someone with TDS and you are afraid for them on Tuesday, here are a few things that you can do: #1 Make sure you are not with them or near them on November 6th or 7th #2 Call 911 if you see them screaming and crying while they attack inanimate objects on the street or in your yard. #3 Secretly put the number for the mental health hotline on their phones and let them know sometime early on November 6th that if they need help they have the number on speed dial. #4 Tell their family members ahead of time that if they start acting violent or suicidal on November 6th around 9 PM, to lock them in a closet and call 911. Although there is currently no cure for TDS… we must all make sure that its insane and outrageous behavior is checked and reported to either the police or local mental health professionals.

  5. I didn’t know the Pantagraph had secret meetings with the Russians, Lie about it and be forced to admit to it after the FBI caught them?

    1. Like all of the establishment trolls here…. they are empty vessels…. not even good trolls… Well I am looking forward to November 6th at around 9 PM. That is when the liberal tears will be causing a flash flood. Are you ready there old Bobby Brownstain? Are you going to take to the streets to protest? No you are not retaking the House of Representatives and in the Senate you are going to lose at least 5 seats…. yes soon the Democratic Party will cease to be a viable national party. We will all be laughing at you and all the rest of the establishment liberal elites in this town as we celebrate yet another election victory. I need to go now… I am getting a call from my Russian agent about my next assignment…. LOL #MAGA

  6. Anyone ever see the painting of a printing press being destroyed by a mob in the old McLean County Courthouse Square. It was a work by Martin Wycoff.
    Somebody needs to step up and buy the Pantagraph. It can’t be worth that much.

    1. Yes… it can’t be worth much… you would have to get rid of the staff. They are worthless to a real news outlet. I am amazed that it is still printing paper? Who buys the dead tree version anymore?

  7. Anyone who supports the Pantagraph or opposes the GREAT Mr. President Trump is a LOOOOSER. I HAAAAAATE THEM!!!!!!!!

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