City Manager spends your money!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Email to Kevin Gerrard concerning the ethics investigation of Nikita Richards:

So the City is hiring an independent law firm to investigate the obvious.

If Nikita isn’t fired they can blame the law firm.

If Nikita is fired they can blame the law firm.

If the investigation takes months they can blame the law firm.

Nicely played.



13 thoughts on “City Manager spends your money!

  1. I know for a fact that the Human Resources director, Nicole Albertson has the experience and the knowledge to investigate this. She is highly qualified. There is no need to hire a law firm. This is a deliberate attempt to slow walk the investigation. Here is a link if anyone wants to contact her to ask why this relatively simple HR job has to be outsourced to a law firm? So Tim Gleason is a Crazy Tari puppet? That does not bode well for the future.

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    1. Because Tari & Co. want to hide behind attorney-client privilege. Good luck FOIA-ing that! I’m sure the result will be an “internal disciplinary matter”.

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  2. WHAT in the heck are WE paying this firm in SPRINGFIELD for then? WHY can’t THEY figure this out?
    How about the ISP work on this also. MAYBE we NEED a ISP field office in city hall?? Complete with dumb, er, drug sniffing dog!!

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  3. Funny, how it seems that SOMETIMES things haven’t changed in 100 years! Corruption is STILL rampant in government, and STILL has overtures in MODERN society! I JUST last eve finished reading a book on labor unions in Montana, especially concerning the death of Frank Little-a I.W.W. organizer, and something I found interesting…That’s STILL used today…..
    3-7-77 Google it.. You MIGHT be surprised…


  4. Makes me wonder WHAT the 2 of them were doing ALONE that she had to take a selfie and couldn’t ask someone else to take the photo??


  5. So will Nikita reveal on FB and her other social media that she is being investigated for improper use of city time/funds? She should since she is brags so much about serving the people. How else are people going to know what’s going on in her life, her campaign. Oh well, others can bring it out later.


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