Weekend Funnies!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies!

  1. Making fun of sexual assault. Making fun of a hurricane that resulted in the massive flooding which isn’t finished in cities and towns in North Carolina. People dead, billions of dollars of damage. Not funny. Totally lack of empathy is appalling.


  2. PBS had this show tonite about how beautifully blind women are treated in Cuba. Do you know the infant mortality rate in Cuba is much lower than in the USA? It is.

    I fully expect this post will be censored too, given your hatred of American free speech. Do you know what? Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, one of the founders of the ACLU, was a Communist? In fact, she was the chairman of the CPUSA in the ’50s.

    Im not at all surprised you oppose free speech. You will not be able to do so, tho, after the people rise up and tale over your Fascist organ. Ana may that day come soon.

    Yes, it is true for now. You own the media. But the American Ideal is free speech. I know you can’t handle it.

    The day will come.


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