Nikita Richards should be fired today

By: Diane Benjamin

Nikita Richards is not only the chair of the local Democrat Party, she is an employee of the City of Bloomington in Human Resources.

Yesterday she posted this on Facebook:

Nikita just alienated all 130 Bloomington police officers.

Nikita accused every officer of being unprofessional at best and racist at worst. How can the police department employees trust Richards to fairly handle any HR issues that will arise in the future?

This comment vilifies every police officer and further divides the community. Is that the message the City of Bloomington supports or just Democrats?

Richards must believe being black is a free pass to not comply with police directives. Claiming all blacks are victims of the police is not supported by the facts! Don’t want to get shot? Don’t give the police a reason to shoot.

Nikita Richards works for Tim Gleason. If he doesn’t fire her for disrespecting an entire City of Bloomington department her divisive behavior will continue.



30 thoughts on “Nikita Richards should be fired today

  1. It’s EXACTLY this kind of “rhetoric” IF you can even call it that, which FUELS the kind of issues which Nikita “fears”!
    IF she’s AFRAID of being black in AMERICA, then maybe she SHOULD move somewhere else and give that a try.
    It’s too bad we DON’T have the same kind of psychiatric screening for politicans that we DO for law enforcement.

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  2. To all the police of Bloomington-Normal,

    We the people support you completely. We categorically reject the insanity that is spewing from the traitor, BLM supporter and leftist called Nikita Richards.

    I am old enough to remember Nikita’s namesake (Nikita Khrushchev) pounding his shoe on a podium while threatening freedom loving people with annihilation.

    We rejected Nikita Khrushchev then and we reject Nikita Richards now! She is literally the enemy of the people and should be fired immediately.

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    1. This is the kind of person who is the problem in our country now. We have given these people power and left them start running things such as government offices giving them breaks on crazy thoughts because we don’t want to be called racist when they are the on who are socialist. Trying to control everything.

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  3. Will I get in trouble if I said or posted this . . .

    Living while owning a business in America:
    Having to be concerned about the mood of BLM protestors are in when they march by because you know that this may very well be the difference whether or not your business gets boycotted or looted.

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  4. Dear Nikita:

    Thank you for articulating the Democrat’s idea of black culture in today’s America: That you can’t succeed based upon your hard work and attitude. That a cop having a bad day will snuff out your life for no good reason.

    Meanwhile the hypocrisy from Nikita is blinding, but nobody talks about it. Ol’ Nikky is obviously living well. She dresses nice, eats well, drives a nice ride, spends her extra money on doing her hair up and those fabulous nails she sports. And those shoes! She shacks up with her like-minded boyfriend which is her right (or does he shack up with her? Not that it matters…) Not only that, but she’s very well paid for what she does(n’t) do at work. Meanwhile, she busies herself preaching that black people can never get ahead in life in America today because of racism, bigotry and all that.

    She’s a walking contradiction to that claptrap.

    If America had half the racism and bigotry she claims it does, she would be picking cotton on a plantation. Instead, she’s working to keep blacks on the modern-day Democrat plantation at the ballot box and in their heads. Tell anyone they’re worthless enough times and eventually they’ll believe it. Meanwhile old Nikita keeps enjoying the perks of a great job and elite lifestyle.

    Hey Nikita, per your latest message of Democrat despair: If you ignore the rules and society’s norms, don’t be surprised if society doesn’t sanction those action to discourage those illegal, immoral or unethical behaviors. Regardless if that is theft, drug abuse, ignoring lawful orders from law enforcement, or other criminal behavior. Refuse to drop a knife on a cop’s orders, don’t be surprised if he (or she) doesn’t drop you. Try to rob a good guy with a gun, don’t be surprised if you get deaded.

    Quite whining about those holding criminals accountable for their unlawful actions.

    Oh, and break time was over five minutes ago. Get back to work, Nikita. The residents of Bloomington can’t live without your great work.

    And pardon me while I take a Tums. I think I just threw up a little after writing that last paragraph.

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    1. Nikita should be asked all of these questions. I bet everyone can imagine what her answers would be?

      Do you believe in hard work to get ahead?
      Do you want to play by the rules to get ahead?
      Do you believe and foster the idea that education and skill development leads to success?
      Do you think laws are to be obeyed?
      Do you want be part of the successful culture and people who dominate this country?
      Do you believe that Black on Black gun violence is a problem that must be addressed?
      Do you believe that the absence of fathers in black families is a problem that needs to be addressed?


      Do you believe cops wake up deciding if they are going to kill a black person today?
      Do you believe there is systematic racism after 8 years of a Black president?
      Do you believe that jobs should go to people based on their race and not their qualifications?
      Do you believe that money is owed to black people for slavery?
      Do you believe that our government and country is racist and needs to be destroyed with violence?
      Do you believe white people are successful because of a system that favors them?

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  5. Hi everybody, let’s Hold a mirror to her hypocrisy. . .

    Living while Black and a registered Republican in America.
    Having to be concerned about the leadership of the Democratic Party because you know that this may very well be the difference between being called an “Uncle Tom“ or a”sell out”.

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  6. First, I would hope that the 17 year old, if found guilty of murder gets a harsh sentence in prison. Second, I am no expert but the same questions come up at almost every one of these shootings. Why so many shots fired? Automatic weapons maybe? That needs to be addressed. But the big set of questions, why didn’t the persons being arrested just do as the police asked? Why did this man go to the car with his kids in it while the police were trying to arrest him? The police were never going to let him get into that car with those kids. They were never going to let him drive away with those kids and change a small incident into a possible hostage situation with children. I feel the man put the police in a no win situation and they protected the kids.

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    1. This “public servant” just abused her office in the most blatant and disgusting way. But I suppose that just went right over your head, huh commie?

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  7. This democrat tool is just doing what she’s been told to do. Light a match…and see if it starts a fire. Meaning, to draw a swarm of democrat-enabled communists into Bloomington-Normal to burn it down, just like Kenosha. The little Art Taylor drama was the first attempt, which thankfully failed. There will be more attempts to bait the police in this town, watch and see. That’s the democrat plan. There is no depth they will not sink to, even if it means destroying a perfectly nice town, to seize more power. Also look for more draconian lockdowns to come to destroy the local economy, that’s also part of the plan.

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  8. When a person decides not to comply with police orders, especially repeatedly, the outcome may be bad whether you are a minority person or non-minority of any gender. In both the Minnesota and Wisconsin incident the police were considerate, polite and did not use force the until the suspects became agitated and aggressive. We have come a long way since the Civil Rights parades and demonstrations when many times the police became aggressive during peaceful demonstrations in the 1960’s and 70’s and beat and arrested minorities for no known reason.
    Recently, the police were not driving around looking to harass black males, they were called because of an issue that threatened the safety of others in the community. One had a warrant out for his arrest and he threatened his former partner and one was a drunk driver. Drunk drivers kill tens of thousands of innocent people every year in the US.

    Burning down and looting businesses, many times minority owned with minority employees and where minorities shop hurts the minority communities the most. The non-peaceful demonstrators want to destroy America and get free-stuff. They do nothing to further the well being of minorities and all of society.

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  9. Protestors need to get armed or get armed citizens to protect them because they can’t count on the police to do that. The cops seem to have no problem protecting militia members or those wanting to play army man. Liberals should just throw gun control out the window because all it has done is embolden paramilitary groups and gun fanatics; made money for gun manufacturers. I saw a quote from a Oath Keepers member saying much the same thing during the unrest in Ferguson. We would see a lot less incidents like the two protestors being killed in Kenosha. Who knows, maybe curfew would have been enforced for EVERYONE out on the streets.


    1. Good guys with guns will help and some holes in some “peaceful protesters” when they become lawless rioting thugs. (yes looters and rioters should be KOS)

      We need open carry laws
      We need more concealed carry good guys/girls

      In this environment, you need to be prepared to defend yourself. The shooter in Kenosha was prepared to defend himself. He shot these thugs in self-defense.

      The solution is simple: Jail rioting, looting, burning thugs and killers or shoot them on sight.

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      1. I don’t think that teenager in Kenosha would have done anything if a column of armed citizens were protecting the protestors. But it would be interesting to see if cops started giving a damn about who’s carrying if a bunch of people were milling around protecting protestors. Give a gun to some anti-Fascists and I think the conversation changes very quickly.

        We would be having a different conversation if those boys in Georgia were shot and killed by that jogger. I wouldn’t have been David Arbury being praised for defending himself, he would be called a thug and murderer for holding off two guys who were playing policeman and trying to mess with him because of the color of his skin.


  10. I breathe easy. I don’t break the law. Nikita could breathe easy too, as could everyone else. It’s really easy that way to not have to worry about the random cop’s mood that way.

    As an easy-breather, I don’t have to interact with Mr. Five-Oh. Unless I call him. And you know what? Even though they know I’m armed, everyone’s kind and polite. An armed society is a polite society.

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  11. People in this community better wake the hell up. This is NOT a “black” thing. This is cultural marxism at its contemptible worst. BLM is solely a marxist communist organization using race as a shield/weapon to dupe people into the violence and anarchy these sociopaths crave in order to insert themselves and seize power. There are plenty of useful idiots who buy into this — notably privileged, dim, grossly uneducated millenials playing “activist” while living on their parents’ credit cards. And the communist colonists like the stupid girl on Bloomington’s city council. This community is a target, and people better be ready.

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    1. Here is someone I would recommend everyone subscribe to on YouTube. Dr. Steve Turley is awesome!

      The Kenosha Riots are a DISASTER for the Democrats as Leftists are DESTROYING Themselves!!!

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    2. That’s exactly who they are, the useful idiots. They are clueless to the ins and outs of making the world go round. I cant believe we are letting the few have such an impact on the many.

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  12. With 3-4 TV’s in just about every household in America the lame stream media pushed the narrative and they know it. They take advantage of it. It is the squeaky wheel getting the attention thanks to the media. In reality these people are very few in numbers or Soros wouldn;t have to pay them and fly them or bus them from town to town. Stand up America! The sky is not falling.

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