Cannabis windfall?

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember when cannabis was legalized in Illinois? Remember how the point system was suppose to award licenses to those most affected by past drug enforcement policies?

If those “disproportionately” affected planned to profit they thought wrong.

Meanwhile local money is spent in Normal, but where does it go?

Jushi Holdings now has 10 locations in numerous state, two of them in Illinois. Gross Margin is 50%, they lost money anyway even though 2nd Quarter growth was 73%. The 2nd Quarter loss was far less than the 1st Quarter, so they will show a profit eventually. In Pennsylvania they are moving to grow, process, and sell cannabis.

Remember when Tari Renner railed against video gambling because too much money was not staying local?

Retail cannabis is sending money Out-Of-Town 2.0. We still don’t know the local tax receipts, maybe Normal is banking it for the underpass.

Do those “disproportionately” affected know they were lied to? Illinois just wanted their tax dollars since the former illegal sales didn’t give them any.






4 thoughts on “Cannabis windfall?

  1. I always found it ironic that the Left loves to over-regulate, -tax, -license/fee, and otherwise place more and more burdens on business in the name of protecting the little guy. Trouble is, big business can easily come up with the money, attorneys, and resources, while small businesses and entrepreneurs of more modest means are disproportionately impacted, especially when first starting out.

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