Graffiti in Uptown

By: Diane Benjamin According to my millennial interpreter, this means happy and sad at the same time. The symbol is all over Uptown, there are also letters said to be a slur on police. Below are just a few examples: h/t: Two readers Maybe the Marxist teacher running for Bloomington City Council can provide further information, he appears to talk “kid”:
That gibberish author is teaching your kids in Unit 5. Surena is under attack for not wanting a BLM supporter on the PSCRB board. Of course she is right, anyone who hates the police shouldn’t be on a Board planning to hear how to defund the police and hearing cases against the police. That includes Art Taylor. Obviously there is no need for reforms since this Board has only heard two cases, but when few people vote electing radicals is way too easy.

Learned your lesson yet Bloomington?

11 thoughts on “Graffiti in Uptown

  1. Yeah, well she damn sure doesn’t want a Trump supporter on the board. Yet here she is standing right behind the biggest prejudiced bigot hypocrite of all, Mr. Arthur Taylor. And his lovely wife Camille. Singing their praises.

    Meanwhile, the Taylors are lamenting that “We can’t send our 13-year-old grandson past those Trump houses because something might happen.”

    You afraid he’s gonna get red pilled?

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  2. I have had the great misfortune of having my children in Unit 5 under Lawler’s Marxist indoctrination influence. He is not representative of Bloomington-Normal or McLean County. He does not listen to his students, he tells them what to think and leads them to the events that support his personal agenda.


      1. I was told that action was taken and for a period it did seem as though there was some modification of the behavior that I was seeing.

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  3. Graffiti in precious Upitty Town?! Oh no, so it isn’t so. What do the Koosites think of this? They’re saying ‘we’re woke, but not in my backyard’. Let’s see how much of a spine “Call off the cops” Koos has now.

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