Turning McLean County Blue

By:  Diane Benjamin

Even the democrats know Joe Biden is not inspiring anybody.  When he does come out of his basement he speaks incoherently.  He’s been in DC for 50 years and now claims he can fix all the countries problems that he has ignored for 5 decades, 8 years as vice-president.  The party is scheming to eliminate debates, they can’t let the public see voting  for Biden is really a vote to put some unknown entity in charge of the country since Biden isn’t capable.  Hard core democrats will vote for him anyway.

Democrats have a plan though.  No campaign, no mass of campaign signs, no large rallies, they have Motor Voter!

Motor Voter registered thousands if not millions of people in Illinois who have never voted before and likely have no clue about Biden. policies, and politics.  The democrats will target them.  These new voters will get to be best friends with a paid democrat telemarketer.  Why buy signs when a $10 per hour kid can make a hundred phone calls in an hour using a script.

h/t somebody I spoke with:

The call will go something like this:

How do you feel about President Trump?  Of course the caller hangs up if the recipient  loves him.

Otherwise, the caller will commiserating over the need to defeat Trump.  Eventually the new voter will be ask to request a mail in ballot, in Illinois they might be getting a request in the mail without asking for it.  The caller will keep in touch especially when ballots are mailed out.  They will tell the new voter they can inform them about candidates and help them complete the ballot.  Of course the caller will make sure it gets mailed even if they have to pick it up and mail it themselves.

Of course the Biden vote isn’t the one the local callers are after.  They want Rodney Davis defeated by Betsy Dirksen Londrigan.  They won’t reveal how many times Betsy has tried to defeat Rodney and failed, that’s immaterial.

The biggest prize for local democrats is the County Board.  You probably don’t know 2 Republicans won on election day 2018 and then lost because of mail in ballots.  2018 was a test run that will be amped up this November.  All these new completely uniformed voters will be talked into voting straight democrat by their new best friend.

The media is obviously on the side of democrats, they are attacking Republicans 24-7 especially Trump.   Motor Voter and Vote by Mail isn’t about making it easier for people to vote.  It is about conning the uninformed to vote democrat.

The democrats elected to the County Board in 2018 deceived the voters.  They scrubbed their vulgar anti-American social media pages to put on a false persona.  They are socialists who will implement socialist policies if they garner control of the County Board.  Taxes will go up and criminals will be released instantly because bail “isn’t fair”.  Social Justice will take precedence over the roles government was founded to perform.  The Sheriff’s office will be gutted because enforcing the law is so yesterday.

Democrats in charge would be like

Connect Transit running everything!

The agenda is a secret and it costs a fortune

Go back to yesterday’s story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/07/09/mclean-county-in-danger-of-going-blue-in-november/

How many non-citizens will be voting?  We don’t know how many are registered to vote and we are prevented from finding out.

What are the Republicans doing to counter the left’s definition of democracy?  Probably recycling old campaign signs.  So far not much else.




4 thoughts on “Turning McLean County Blue

  1. Could be WHY people who live in “rural areas” are “ramping up” on ammunition buying and target shooting.
    I see a LOT of this in the country, and NOT just in one spot , but MANY! I guess we can let the socialist, democrat, justice mind controllers and content police HAVE the cities, and the intelligent can have the country (rural) areas, since that’s where food is grown, and as for the democrats, let them eat crow.
    They’ haven’t come up with a GOOD ideal since Aug 6 1945!


  2. Anyone have any idea who Biden’s running mate will be? Democrats are up to something if they have not announced the VP pick yet. Michelle Obama?


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