McLean County in danger of going BLUE in November

By:  Diane Benjamin

McLean County won’t go blue because people suddenly love democrats, this story is a lead in to a story I will be doing tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  If that happens, overnight we will be Chicago.  Taxes will go up, bail will be abolished, and spending will dramatically accelerate.  The nice County roads will be allowed to decay, just like the in-town roads.

Last January I did a story about illegal aliens called for jury duty:

As reported in that story, I called the Jury Commission office and was told by the guy who answered the phone a few are received every week marked:  Not a citizen, so I can’t serve.

How many times have you been called for jury duty?  I think I’ve only been called once.  Jury pool names don’t just come from registered voter lists anymore, they also come from Driver’s Licenses, Illinois Identification Cards, Disability Identification Cards, and unemployment filers.

If the Jury Commission is returned several “non-citizen” jury summons a week that says one or both of the following:

  • Lots of illegals are registered to vote
  •  Illegals aren’t separated from citizens on any of the above named lists

It becomes more difficult every day to trust the results of elections.  That is on purpose.  Find out tomorrow why.

Meanwhile, when a tried to FOIA information to find out where the illegal’s names summoned came from I didn’t receive just a denial.  I got a letter from the Chief Judge of McLean County.  We aren’t allowed to know, it’s a secret:


6 thoughts on “McLean County in danger of going BLUE in November

  1. As long as I live here, I will continue to fight for what I believe is right. That said, there are not enough people left in our area that care about anything other than where their next drink of booze or toke of weed is coming from. The political change is due to a one trick pony economy and the transient community that resulted from it. “Leaders” here could have given a screw about diversifying it since most were already living fat and sassy. The combination of a p.c. corporate mentality along with the gradual far left radicalization of the entire local education system has brought forth what you see on the streets and at the doorstep. Add a local press on all fronts that is without courage and radicalized, what you see is what you get. My time remaining here will not be long as three or four states for relocation are currently being considered. My experience in this community has been that most people here are liars, thieves, and backstabbers so I won’t miss it at all. BN can only hope that it becomes Decatur someday and no worse but it will get worse. Total idiots with more to come will decide how tax money is spent only to waste it and have their hand out in perpetuity to invest it in their utopian dreams that benefit no one. They are so arrogant and full of themselves that their actions will eventually result in more misery for themselves and the others they rule and hope to rule. BN had the chance to be anything it wanted to be and decided to do nothing. It deserves its pathetic future.


  2. This USED to be a GREAT community! Until we got people like koos, renner, carillo, craybeak, etc. MAYBE they will erect statues of these idiots so we can throw them into the BNWRD!


  3. Republicans up and down the ticket deserve to be booted. The Republican Party is not even a shell of its former self. Moscow Mitch has several hundred bipartisan bills sitting on his desk that he will do nothing about. They have hitched themselves to the most corrupt president in the history of this county and it is time for them to pay the consequences. The only hope they have is voter suppression on a scale like we have never seen before.


  4. yeah boot Trump cause I want all the free stuff that the democrats are going to give away. Take away all the government pensions take away all the the money from the middle class hang all the wealthy flood America with all those that want to cross our borders,(gee why are they wanting to come here anyway isn’t Trump our president?)
    I want to see more violence lootings and killings that are in the cities that have been controlled by demoncrats for years. I am anxious to see some more of that in my community. My 401 k has never been better that damn Trump must be the reason. Yeah, vote demoncrat in the coming election just make sure that you are well armed and secure!


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