Things that don’t fit anywhere else

By:  Diane Benjamin

It looks like Kroger won’t be building on East College.  There is a sign on the property now advertising Commercial property for sale,.

The Pantagraph ran the story below using 10 years of data, not the data from last year showing the Bloomington-Normal Metro area lost population.

Say it together:  #FakeNews.  Of course democrat Carlo Robustelli had to collude with the paper.


Carlo again:

The local elections are non-partisan in name only.  I remember some of the first words out of Tari Renner’s mouth when he was first elected were:  I’m the fist democrat ever to be elected mayor!

The citizens have been hurt by him ever since.  Just like the Illinois democrats in Springfield Tari can’t live within his means either.  The budget has come close to doubling while citizens get fewer services and taxes on everything possible have been raised.

The people elected don’t check their core beliefs are the door.  Either they are tax and spenders or fiscally conservative.  Voters deserve to know which they are!

Carlo, nobody is buying that Tari didn’t recruit “his” democrats for “his” council.  Your comments make you look ridiculous.


More ridiculous:

These were some of the comment’s to Carlo’s post.  Chemberly is a Normal Trustee who never leaves her ideology at home.  Tyson is wrong about Smith, Nord, and Sila.  Sila is a Libertarian, not a Republican.  Nord is an independent. not a Republican.

Chemberly and Dan obviously don’t see the obvious.  Democrats want to run your life, everybody else thinks you can run your own.  Yes, party does matter.

No, the Councils do not act in the best interests of the people.  Never ending tax and fee increases, un-drivable roads, and cuts in services while diverting money to projects government wants (but the people don’t) proves it.

carlo x 2

One more:

Last night was Maunday Thursday.  Holy Week used to be where being in church was expected.  Events weren’t planned so as not to offend Christians.

Last night many kids were playing soccer at the airport.

Last night the local democrats held a campaign event to talk about their accomplishments and the future.

I wonder if Erik opened with prayer?

gone under

Today is Good Friday.  I know where I will be spending part of it.  I hope you do too.


12 thoughts on “Things that don’t fit anywhere else

    1. There’s no such thing as a registered Democrat or Republican in Illinois. We have open primaries. Your classification of Karyn Smith as a “registered Democrat” is based on her requesting a Democrat ballot in the last primary election she voted in.

      Kathleen Lorenz claims to be a Republican. So do Koos, Preston and Fritzen. Both RC McBride and Chemberly Cummings are Democrat precinct committeemen. Kevin McCarthy is so deficient in his understanding of the Constitution and like everything else with McCarthy he can’t give you a straight answer what he is which means he leans left and he’s a Democrat

      The problem in Illinois is we don’t have a clue what it means to be a Republican. Remember the highest ranking Republican in Illinois right now is Billy Bob Brady. Do you need more examples of what I’m talking about? How about Bruce Rauner, Dan Brady, Jason Barrickman. They’re the reasons why I stop short in calling myself a Republican. We desperately need new leadership from the top down in Illinois.

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  1. What they call ‘outsiders’, I called ‘townies’ – 1D, 1R, 1L, all three major McLean County parties, united in running to represent The Town, and not the Town Government. Another thing I didn’t realize until late in the race* was that we were not running for a Plan, be it a specific one like Koosville or a general partisan one like Socialism, but we were all running for Families. Stan and I wanted Normal to be a great place to raise our kids, someplace they’d be proud to be from, and hopefully someplace they wouldn’t be stupid to want to stay. Karyn knew her daughter was unlikely to ever leave the community and wanted it to be a place that would still be good for her in future years.
    *That actually came to me During my appearance on the PodBN podcast. All of my appearances and speeches were at least mostly ‘off the cuff’. As opposed to after hearing the same things verbatim over and over from RC and Dave, realizing how much they seemed ‘practiced politicians’ vs real people wanting to do real public service.


  2. I have ring doorbell footage of Kathleen Lorenz trashing Stan Nord while canvassing because he supported a “registered democrat” (Karyn Smith). She then goes on to present herself as the one true Republican in the last race. While she was pissed at Stan for not supporting her because of her self proclaimed Republican status, she seems to forget that she’s the one who alined herself with two liberal democrats, McBride and Shields.

    I’d love to forward the video to Diane, but promised my friend who showed it to me that I wouldn’t. But, oh Kathleen, be careful little mouth what you say because your canvassing speech is pretty partisan, desperate and hypocritical.

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    1. Be careful – Illinois’ Corrupt Politician Protection Laws say it’s a crime to make an audio recording of a conversation unless all parties agreed to it, so making the video may have been illegal. Distributing it might get somebody in trouble besides Kathleen. (Not intended to imply Kathleen is corrupt – I have no basis for thinking so – just pointing out the general intent of the applicable legislation.)


  3. In my humble opinion, Carlo Robustelli is one of the biggest frauds around. He and his wife are like pied pipers staying three years here, five years there and six years somewhere else. They are far from what you would call family-oriented people. Their god is far left progressive politics. They are as close to the IWU/ISU socialist school as one can get. Their last stop was North Carolina where word was they did pretty much the same thing as they are attempting here. He has little to no business expressing an opinion on BN or McLeann County since he has no roots here and truth be told, no intention of sticking around any longer until the next best political or academic job comes down the pike. He reminds me of some slick dude from New Jersey or New York that has a back slap for everybody and fools everyone in believing he is the local “everyman” to solve all your problems. He always gives you the impression he’s on your side all the while sizing you up on how he can use you to get what he wants. He’s as non-partisian as Dick Durbin or Barack Obama.

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  4. Tari being a Democrat MADE me vow to NEVER vote for one again! He’s the most pompous, arrogant and self indulged individual I think I have ever met.. I just hope then when he goes down, it’s REAL HARD!!
    As for the rest of his “followers” When you sail on a bad ship, you suffer the sinking..


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