Carlo: Explain this!

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this previous story:

Democrat County Board member Carlo Robustelli berated GOP Chair Connie Beard for inferring municipal election are actually partisan.

Carlo:  Why did the Democrat Party interfere in the last local non-partisan election?

Maybe they aren’t really non-partisan Carlo?  Erik Rankin sure thinks they aren’t!  See picture below.

The new battle lines are drawn.  Obviously the democrats don’t believe they are non-partisan.  That means NOBODY should!

Chemberly Cummings should demand they take down her sign.  (refer to previous story)

Obviously those signs went right over the head of the WGLT reporter.

If Carlo doesn’t agree with the current democrat tactics, he needs to resign the party.  Carlo?  Carlo?

demo hq

5 thoughts on “Carlo: Explain this!

  1. Deceive to achieve is the whole concept of today’s demonrat party. Is it any more evident when all you have to do is replace the “c” with an “n” ?
    “Instant karma is going to get you, gonna knock you right in the face.” John Lennon


  2. Both ISU and IWU should be called on the carpet for allowing their Poli Sci Departments to participate
    in a strongly partisan fashion. They are partly responsible for the rise of Socialism that may spread through our County. The Republicans share a bit of blame for being profoundly complacent for several decades. It is time for the local GOP to wake up and cut the heads off of the snakes in the grass that call themselves Democrats.

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