Things that don’t fit anywhere else

By:  Diane Benjamin It looks like Kroger won’t be building on East College.  There is a sign on the property now advertising Commercial property for sale,. The Pantagraph ran the story below using 10 years of data, not the data from last year showing the Bloomington-Normal Metro area lost population. Say it together:  #FakeNews.  […]

What’s wrong with Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin Everybody knows the streets aren’t being fixed.  Bloomington can’t even find money in the budget (that has skyrocketed under Tari Renner) to invest in infrastructure. They will happily raise your taxes though to pay for a couple of roads.  Yesterday we learned there was a “disconnect” ordering tickets for the One […]

You are the CENTER of the target

By:  Diane Benjamin The assault on Bloomington taxpayers continues at Monday’s City Council meeting.  The target isn’t on citizen’s backs – it’s on their wallet and their Quality of Life.  Other people need your money more than you do – the City Council will gladly hand it over and claim Economic Development! Is Kroger really […]

Monday’s Council handouts

By:  Diane Benjamin Funny how the Wildwood property was redeveloped without any incentives from government.  Probably the only place in Bloomington where capitalism still reigns.  (From the Pantagraph story) The huge east-side TIF will get approved.  It will create a slush fund for the City to use however it wants – in the TIF district.  […]