More on BLM and local Democrats

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Facebook discussion between 2 local BLM activists and two members of the local democrat party is worth your time.  See it on the McLean county Democrats Facebook page.

Ky Ajayi of BLM made one comparison I find silly, but he was dead serious.  He compared abolitionists to the people who today want to abolish police.

First problem:  Slavery was in southern states, not across the country.  Police are nationwide in every part of the country.  Note: how can we be a racist country when a lot of the country opposed slavery and never had slaves?

Second problem: Only a small percentage of people in the South owned slaves, everyone at some points needs something from a police officer.

Third problem:  Abolishing slavery was a moral calling, is abolishing the police moral?  Attacks on policing lead to more violent crime.  Ky is good with quoting stats that don’t apply locally, like unsolved crimes.  Abolishing the police in favor of unarmed social workers will make his statistics true.  He needs to check the murder rates in large Democrat controlled cities where police have been marginalized.  Does Ky want people to die?

At the end of the video Democrat Chair Nikita Richards mentioned they paid close to $3000 to BLM for bail money.  This money was used to bail out people accused of a variety of crimes including looting and dealing drugs.  Is that how you want money used to a political party used?

What we have is a clear distinction between law/order and chaos.  Bail is set to make sure the accused shows up for future hearings and a trial.  The people bonded out have no vested interest in showing up later because it isn’t their money at stake.

Crime has been going down for decades.  Career criminals were locked up for long periods of time.  Gun offenders in Chicago aren’t, the result is mayhem in the streets.

Since Chicago has been run by democrats forever, is this what democrats want nationwide when police are “defunded”?

No thanks.

3 thoughts on “More on BLM and local Democrats

  1. Exactly what did Ky mean with this statement: “He compared abolitionists to the people who today want to abolish police.” Leading up to the outbreak of the Civil War the definition of abolitionist was a person who opposed slavery. Their goal was to abolish slavery immediately. John Brown and Frederick Douglass are the most well known abolitionists.

    Absolutism: Absolutism approaches things in an objective manner and considers an action as right or wrong. Relativism: Relativism rejects the objective analysis of actions and elaborates that human actions cannot be put into rigid categories as right or wrong.

    You are absolutely right Diane, there is no logic to this statement. I guessing he is trying to say the absolutism would now see that defunding police is right. Sound more like relativism. Twisted logic based upon ones opinion rather that objective reasoning.

  2. The day of reckoning for these idiots is coming sooner than they want or think not only locally, but nationally. Their are and have been a lot of silent people that have observed from the sidelines for quite sometime. Many people are finally realizing both men and women that BLM has nothing to do with black people as a whole and nothing about lives unless you want to destroy them. The local social justice crowd will soon say the wrong thing at the wrong time and at the wrong place to a person or persons that have no problem spending a night or two in jail to protect themselves and will use anything at their disposal to do so. It would be fun to see Ky, Robert or Sonny without the protection of the mob mouth off to a white biker guy or conservative guy that works construction and see who is left upright. Can’t wait.

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