Time to go back to meeting in person!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Unless the Bloomington City Council hasn’t recently left their homes, there is no reason they can’t meet in public.  Tomorrow marks Phase 4 – 50 people in a room.  Besides, there are several who should be wearing masks in public because they disgrace the office of alderman.

Donna Boelen is behind the flag, Crabill thinks it’s cute for a white dude to claim his Marxist stake as a member of Black Lives Matter.  He’s also wearing a BLM shirt.  I’m sure he understands the difference between the local members who just want equal justice and the side like himself that are out to destroy capitalism.  Yes folks, him and Jenn are of that ilk.  Note Jenn isn’t in the shot.  Maybe she is banished during the pledge on purpose.

Go back to meeting in person and the citizens of Bloomington won’t be subjected to this buffoonery.

pledge BLM

Obviously both Jenn and Jeff only represent the people who bow to their ideology, so yes local elections aren’t non-partisan.  Everyone needs to quit pretending they are.

Jenn even voted against the Bunn to Commerce project the City has been trying to fund for at least a decade.  She evidently told her supporters it was a project for “rich people”.  Facts are immaterial.

Having a discussion with hard-core Marxists is a waste of time,  When they say “defund” the police they mean defund.  I can’t wait for the next budget to form – these two will rally their supporters to demand social workers for all!  Most of the Council has chosen sides, the few remaining trying to play both sides of the fence only embarrass themselves.

The citizens of Bloomington had better start doing better.  The many who don’t vote did this to themselves, and yes it can get a whole lot worse!

In case you have nothing better to do – watch here:

9 thoughts on “Time to go back to meeting in person!

  1. Nothing will ever happen to Carrillo because she doesn’t have a real job anyway except being a professional anarchist. For Crabill, these actions should be forwarded to Tipsord for review. If he fails to take action, then everyone in town with a SF policy of any sort should pull it and tell their agent why. This guy is educated? He acts like like some third grader that needs an audience for attention because he can’t get any from mommy and daddy. I’m serious, he is mentally disturbed.

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    1. Careful there M P, from that description, “He acts like like some third grader that needs an audience for attention because he can’t get any from mommy and daddy.” it almost sounds like someone else.


  2. I’m pretty sure Jenn Carrillo is a psychopath. She literally fits the description…
    -socially irresponsible behavior
    -disregarding or violating the rights of others
    -inability to distinguish between right and wrong
    -difficulty showing remorse or empathy
    -lies often
    -manipulates and hurts others

    I don’t even know what to say about Jeff, other than he must have State Farm by the balls. They can’t fire him because it would be called racism or retaliation I’m guessing. It does seem odd that State Farm would condone a group that believes stealing and looting is a good thing. I mean if he condones that behavior is he doing it at work? I thought State Farm had a no stealing policy…

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  3. Can we get this motley crew of losers to meet in another state or country?

    This is the best you got Bloomington?

    Is there any wonder at all why Bloomington is declining?

    Just 5 minutes of listening to these bozos will help you understand why.

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