Defund Police? This is what it looks like

By:  Diane Benjamin

Long time readers will know I’ve mentioned numerous times your local representatives have never been allowed to discuss the role of government.  Discussions of what should be funded and what shouldn’t has never taken place.  Budgets are done by staff with a little Council input on big projects.  They have never discussed priorities like what gets funded first – including roads.

Government is a representative republic so mob rule can’t happen, but the Local BLM Blono group thinks they can shout, harass, and terrorize your Council representatives into submitting to their demands.

blm police funding perc

Correction Black Lives Matter:  It isn’t the City’s money, it is TAXPAYER money.

If a discussion of citizen priorities had ever taken place, getting a fast response by calling 911 would likely be at the top of the list.

What will de-funding police look like?   You saw it at Target when the Normal police did nothing to intervene.  Looters not only helped themselves to whatever they wanted they destroyed public property – as in police cars.  Don’t forget Democrats bailed the looters out of jail after.

Target is nothing compared to what happened to a lady in Fredericksburg Virginia.  She was out running errands with her child when a mob attacked her car.  Of course she dialed 911.  The dispatcher told her the Mayor authorized the protest and the police could not intervene:


The above is only part of the call, hear the entire call here:  Terrorized-Virginia-Woman-Being-Attacked-By-Black-Lives-Matter-Mob-Told-To-Call-City-Hall-by-911-Operator

Since many of your elected officials on both Councils have no moral compass, they are beginning to wilt to demands by people who want to “police” themselves.  We know what that is going to look like!

If you want mob rule – do nothing.

If not, quit being silent while Bloomington and Normal dissolve into a place where it isn’t safe to live.  If you don’t voice an opinion government will only hear the BLM voices.

Bloomington Aldermen contacts:




4 thoughts on “Defund Police? This is what it looks like

  1. So which is it Bloomington-Normal?

    The anarchy, communism and the rejection of American history/values by Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the radical left, liberal elites and the Democratic Party?


    A country based on freedom, laws, common sense and the constitution?

    If you care about the future of the United States and the future of your children the choice is very clear.

    Reject EVERYTHING about Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the radical left, liberal elites and the Democratic Party!

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  2. I did exactly that last night. Contacted both the City Manager and councilman. Waiting for a response and will keep everyone posted. Crabill and Carrillo have to go as a starting point.

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  3. In Normal, you need to convince the town manager or mayor. All but one of the council are bobble head rubber stampers incapable of independent thought. They blindly and passionately follow the slantings of Reece and Koos.

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  4. Almost all government spending is discretionary. How about defunding the City’s contribution to mental health? How about returning the money from the CARES Act stimulus for COVID-19, signed into law by President Trump? Perhaps, property owners should receive a 25% refund on their property taxes if the police are defunded. Perhaps, each time someone calls 911, they should pay upfront for service.

    The primary roles of government are to provide public safety, public health (provide potable water and remove solid waste), and infrastructure.

    BLMblono’s demands are not fully baked. What should one expect from a group that doesn’t do its homework?

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