With egg on their faces, Democrats demand a meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

After finding out their plan for 20 County Board districts with one representative each was impossible, the local Democrats now want the entire board to weigh in. “Other business” on the agenda isn’t allowed if they are planning votes. Since their plan was defeated, they now want the number of districts kept at 10.

4 thoughts on “With egg on their faces, Democrats demand a meeting

  1. Typical people signed this. What they don’t still don’t understand is the results of the City of Bloomington Election. As LeBron said “You’re Next” It is time to get rid of many of these board members.

  2. So they are calling a special meeting to keep the same number of districts and the same number of board members? What a classic waste!

    1. Whoever made the request that passes gets to claim victory. This is a marketing play.

  3. Cannot talk “logic” to a democrat, it just does NOT work.. You’ll get the deer in the headlight look, and they will TRY to make you the idiot… Arguing with a democrat is like trying to pee in a hurricane and not get it on yourself…

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