Just the facts: Covid in McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin

Below are the latest stats from the McLean County Health Department: https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/708/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19

To understand what is really happening a better chart is required:

What does this say?

  • Unless you are over 80 your chances of dying from COVID are miniscule.
  • Why would anyone under 80 get an experimental vaccine?
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is right – protect those at risk

We have over a year’s worth of data proving who needs protection and who doesn’t. Start living again.

Ask health professionals about the death rate from the vaccine. Data is hard to come by, but it is much higher than the rate from those getting the flu vaccine.






7 thoughts on “Just the facts: Covid in McLean County

  1. Thinking we have come so far is a mistake. We survived Nazism, Socialism, Communism, two world wars, pandemics and so far even democrats. But what we never saw coming was social media, drive by media, the takeover of science by politics and the democrat’s co-opting of disasters to attain complete control.

    People who think of themselves as being so intelligent have proven to be easily deceived by using a fractured form of morality that take precedence over facts and common sense.

    We haven’t come very far. Given our new narrow minded morality we may be on the cusp of real disaster that we can’t even imagine. We have become untethered from truth and reality but we’re boldly and quickly walking right to the edge of a cliff.

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  2. Saying that these are facts is being far too generous. By the “experts'” own admission, the PCR test was grossly fallible from the get-go — likely intentionally — to pump the numbers. And incentivizing hospitals & doctors with generous cash rewards for “cases” and deaths further sweetened the pot. Now here we are at the 180-degree turn, whereby severe adverse effects (including death) from this experimental gene therapy are being vehemently downplayed, ignored, and even hidden. Where this is all leading, only time will tell. I do not believe that the people engineering this are as smart as they think they are. Too many people with common sense and critical thinking skills intact and we are on high alert. And preparing accordingly.

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  3. we are out of control we meaning the wackos that are currently in control. I went into a local coffee shop yesterday to get some pastry had my mask on but when I went to pay my glasses fogged up I moved my mask to just under my nose no one else was in line the clerk informed me “YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR MASK ABOVE YOUR NOSE”, I did but asked is there a law that says I have to do this one person said it was the law but the other clerk said it was store policy. The rest of the story I looked behind me at the food counter less than two feet away two people were enjoying their coffee and pastry with NO MASK ON. Common sense has disappeared if I order you to wear a mask and you damn well better have it on.

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  4. I forgot to mention in my last comment the clerk had a mask on and there was also a larger plastic shield between me and the clerk so who was I jeopardizing?

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  5. I stopped wearing a mask a couple weeks ago. Was asked to wear one once. I explained why I wasn’t wearing one and they said ok. The only research I have seen on masks suggests they do not work. Joe said wear a mask for 100 days. Time is up. I need to breathe.

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  6. Our local mass media and civic leaders need to look at the whole truth. This is an experimental treatment that was only designed to minimize the symptoms of this disease. It has not been studied on young people who are largely unaffected . This treatment is not designed nor intended as an immunization. It likely, will not be effective in minimizing or even reducing the spread of the disease. The most likely cause of the downward trend is an approach to heard immunity as many in our communities have already been exposed. As we have no data on the long term side effects of this treatment, we are ill advised to treat children until we have proof.

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