Didn’t watch the video? See just this part:

By: Diane Benjamin More to this story: https://blnnews.com/2023/05/13/desantis-derangement-syndrome/ Bloomington’s own Sonny Garcia proved he is evil – just hit play below. Does his girlfriend County Board member Krystle Able agree? You should know that taxpayers were forced to fund pay this clown, first through wages and now pension. From OpenTheBooks.com

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome

Kev Phares (Cities 92.9) interviews protestors in Peoria, of course they claim he has to have a press badge. Free speech isn’t allowed by some of the protestors. These people must not know DEMOCRATS re-elected Ron DeSantis. The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” doesn’t exist, these people haven’t heard the truth and won’t because of #FakeMedia. […]

Local GOP: Burn the Big Tent

By: Diane Benjamin I heard one of the biggest opponents to the McLean County GOP Accountability committee was George Wendt. He needs to reconsider, the latest RINO Republican to turn on the party is Kathleen Lorenz. 4 years ago she campaigned door-to-door calling herself a Republican. Does George Wendt know Lorenz campaigned for his Democrat […]

Just the facts: Covid in McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin Below are the latest stats from the McLean County Health Department: https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/708/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19 To understand what is really happening a better chart is required: What does this say? Unless you are over 80 your chances of dying from COVID are miniscule. Why would anyone under 80 get an experimental vaccine? Florida Governor Ron […]