DeSantis Derangement Syndrome

Kev Phares (Cities 92.9) interviews protestors in Peoria, of course they claim he has to have a press badge. Free speech isn’t allowed by some of the protestors.

These people must not know DEMOCRATS re-elected Ron DeSantis. The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” doesn’t exist, these people haven’t heard the truth and won’t because of #FakeMedia. Preview 2024, watch to the end. One comment proves who these people are:

6 thoughts on “DeSantis Derangement Syndrome

  1. DeSantis is a wonderful governor. I’ve kept my house and still pay taxes in this combloc state of Illinois (kids and brand kids) but been a Floridian for 18 years. DeSantis has his head on straight.
    I hope he doesn’t run for president now, I don’t want to lose him as my governor just yet, the blue state invasion of Florida concerns me. We need him to keep Florida free. He’s young. Four years from now he’ll be in his prime. Then President.

  2. Just watched the whole thing. Reprehensible, intolerant, wannabe bullies that have no clue about the truth in Florida. Kev did a great job navigating that human cesspool.

  3. As usual, the tolerant leftists are anything but tolerant. The coexisters refuse to coexist. They are hypocrites, that is for sure. Is that sonny garcia all up in Kevin’s space?

  4. Thank you for the video and the insights it provides. It saddens me to witness the emptiness and discontent demonstrated by the protestors. I only recall one person that politely expressed her views. The others all appeared to be frightened (or unable) to state what they stood for or were representing. What is it with the person covering their face, what are they hiding?

    1. Many of these people are professional protesters. They attend seminars on how to cause problems and intimidate the opposition. I can guarantee there were a handful of professional community organizers their to tell the rest of the group what to say and how to act. The guy in the mask was likely also a member of Antifa who didn’t want his face exposed. They’ll be somewhere else next week and the week after that. The rest are lost souls. Most are friendless, without family and confused. A few addicts mixed in for good measure who got 20 bucks to show up and get their daily fix.

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