Didn’t watch the video? See just this part:

By: Diane Benjamin

More to this story: https://blnnews.com/2023/05/13/desantis-derangement-syndrome/

Bloomington’s own Sonny Garcia proved he is evil – just hit play below. Does his girlfriend County Board member Krystle Able agree?

You should know that taxpayers were forced to fund pay this clown, first through wages and now pension. From OpenTheBooks.com

6 thoughts on “Didn’t watch the video? See just this part:

  1. “Say Gay” How about read the bill that was passed into law? It protects children…something Sonny Garcia and Ms. Able don’t want to do. Creepy that they follow in order to threaten and intimidate.

  2. Unfortunately all these jokers and buddies are “systems” dopes and shady contracts and “partnerships” at local, state sept and county depts (tech “experts”.) taking our tax dollars to implement IoT (Internet of Things) and stealing private health, medical & financial and private data every day. Pritzker loves this $$$& and his hand picked Dept heads have initiated “China model” and sharing in every area and dept”. Researcher you know. (Yuck)

    Be careful of who you trust with your information and what you do with apps and portal & data integrations. (Theft, deceit and surveillance).

    ISU, U of I and public/private partnerships make there guys and friends rich and powerful and have influence. At this point every state Dept is compromised and putting in The same crap and shady systems and the same folks getting big bucks to do it. $$

    Be cautious of terms like “telematics, fintech, machine learning, API, integrations, geo-tracking, public safety, cyber, digital, transformation, micro-services, private cloud, education systems, data breach, security, data analysis, profiling, human factor , predictive modeling, co-creating, social engineering and the big systems platform names we all pay for….

    Kinda like “love is love”. Kind nice worlds with dark meaning. And intent. Welcome to China folks! Big tech and the future is so cool (not)

    P.S. Public school systems and the apps they force used and integrators are not safe either. ISBE and partners are heavy users & deceivers. Despite what you hear from the admin and boards. Just lots of money passing to pals. Many of which who are double dipping (pensions and pay and contracts with state) . At your expense.

    Able and thee folks play a big role in all of it. Impressed?

  3. Phares showed more courage than Garcia, the rainbow umbrella boy or Mr. Antifa. Tried any of that garbage where I now live, they would all risk getting a gun pulled on them or worse. In fact, Hispanics over here have no tolerance for that shit. Mass Ave is full of gays but know better than to shove it in anyone’s face. Illinois still loaded with idiots and mob mentality.

  4. Don’t give this person what they want which is free publicity.
    Most of us who knew him when he was a new ISU hire figured
    out fast what he was and still is.
    His reputation precedes him from a young age.
    Credibility has to be earned. He has never learned that.

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