Local GOP: Burn the Big Tent

By: Diane Benjamin

I heard one of the biggest opponents to the McLean County GOP Accountability committee was George Wendt. He needs to reconsider, the latest RINO Republican to turn on the party is Kathleen Lorenz. 4 years ago she campaigned door-to-door calling herself a Republican.

Does George Wendt know Lorenz campaigned for his Democrat opponent on the County Board – Faye Freeman-Smith? If Kathleen’s “friend” had won Democrats would have controlled the County Board which would have led to the Sheriff’s office budget being cut. Care George? How many other Republicans really aren’t?

It’s nice to have friends with opposing points of view but nobody campaigns for them Kathleen! Obviously Lorenz has no values or lines she won’t cross. She has descended to Josh Barnett level integrity.

Kathleen Lorenz can not call herself a republican. She can’t even say she leans right because she doesn’t. The “Big Tent” means values and principles are meaningless since they might offend someone. Ron DeSantis proved leadership and being decisive is what people want. Republicans need to be like Ron. They could be rooting “woke” out of Unit 5 instead of allowing indoctrination to continue.

County votes:

City of Bloomington votes:

Stupidly they now have to be added together: (Abolish BEC!)

Wendt – 4,396

Bloomfield – 3,456

Freeman Smith – 2,589

Lorenz needs to join her friend next April in losing an election.

Has “Republican” Scott Preston figured out his allegiance to Koos scored him ZERO? Is he going to start acting like a Republican or is he just another Lorenz?






12 thoughts on “Local GOP: Burn the Big Tent

  1. Thankful for the out of the city county votes or there would be 1 and 1 in District 3, which is where I live. I do agree that George needs to get with the program and start treating so called republicans rinos.

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  2. I don’t think Scott Preston expected to or wanted to win. They planned for Chung to win. Kathy Lorenz never has been a republican. When she campaigns for Village Trustee, she should call herself a Democrat, because she is. George Wendt is another useless placeholder. Now his son is a useless Precinct Committeeman.


  3. The current course has led McLean County from dark red to light blue. The GOP needs to change course and serve Republican voters instead of continuing to bow to elected Republican and RINO officials alike.

    Unfortunately, the latest election results will continue to fall on deaf ears or the plan to destroy the party from within is working magnificently.

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      1. Preston was such a loser to begin with, he wasn’t worth the investment. Were he to get elected he was destined to be a career Illinois politician worse than Dan Brady.

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  4. My message, unless the GOP helps conservative candidates, they will not earn my vote. Preston was not a conservative, I could not support him. Brady never did anything during his long term, hope he enjoys his new life. I voted for Lorenz, but her time as Village Trustee berating the only conservative. I feal sad for our future.

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  5. It is time to form another group outside of the McLean County GOP. Many people that are republicans view themselves as fiscally conservative and more liberal on social issues…not all social issues but we don’t tend to get involved in your personal life behind closed doors. The local GOP just does not see their failures but they should because membership is not what it should be. The local GOP also needs to stop focusing on Trump day in and day out. Leadership does try but those that surround the leader are keeping her from doing any good in this county. Democrats are bad, but so are radical right republicans and there is a handful of them that make all of look bad on a daily basis.

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