FOIA from Connect Transit results

By: Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA request because of the huge entries last month for travel and meetings:

“Receipts for the $8775.00 to APTA for travel and meetings on the September 2022 disbursements

 Receipts for the $677.70 paid to Dave White for travel and meetings on the same list

 Receipts for the $3866.53 charged to VISA for travel and meetings on the same list”

Connect Transit employees and Board members previously traveled a lot. COVID locked them up, now they are making up for lost adventures.

The American Public Transportation Association held an annual meeting in Seattle WA October 9-12

Connect Transit paid for:

NINE people at $975 each.

Board members Ryan Whitehouse and Judy Buchanan went as well as General Manager David Braun. The rest must be employees.

Why did 9 people attend? A few couldn’t attend a report back? Spending other people’s money is obviously not a problem. It’s only $8,775 when the people they serve are lucky to make it to the next paycheck.

Another employee flew to Charlottesville VA – just the flight was $742.20.

Yet another flew to El Paso TX – $528.60. 5 nights at a hotel cost $575.75 + another night for $115.15 more.

There was a drive to Milwaukee labeled “look at buses”.

Food was purchased in Grand Rapids Michigan. I didn’t see travel expenses.

Treats were purchased twice from 2 local bakeries.

Of course more receipts for food are included as well as ground transportation.

A lot of money was also spent with Good Hire and Indeed trying to find employees.

See 72 pages of receipts here:

There was also 5 nights in St Louis, transportation via Amtrak. Hotel was 616.70.

If you see dead electric buses be sure to get a pic and send it to me!





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