Too Much Hilarity: Connect Transit

By: Diane Benjamin March 28, 2023 meeting: Connect had an operating deficit in March of $1,231,478. Every Fixed Route passenger was subsidized $5.13, celebrate though! February was $6.23. Every ride on Mobility was subsidized $34.75. Celebrate again because in February it was $34.90. Read the Congressional Update starting on page 13. It details the […]

More government travel (at your expense)

By:  Diane Benjamin On January 19th I reported three payments of $1,600 to the Blooming-Normal Economic Development Council: The three payments are for Tari Renner, Scott Black, and Steve Rasmussen to go on the One Voice trip to Washington DC: The County and the Town of Normal will probably also be […]

Connect Transit: September Fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin See the September report here: Revenue from riders doesn’t come close to pay the wages of the employees:   The total operating loss appears to not be a red flag for anybody: Government can’t come up with a way to transport people without losing $833,895 in one month? The loss […]

Connect Transit spending

By:  Diane Benjamin The bills approved for payment at the September Connect Transit Board meeting are included here: Toward the bottom of the list is this: These card charges total $11,209.28. I did A FOIA request for the last three months of Commerce Bank card charges.  See them here:  Commerce-Bank-statements These charges are from […]

More on Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin See previous story: Today I only looked at the packets from 2016: November and December are in January’s packet. January is in February’s packet. As of January 31, 2016 the Operating loss is up to $5,128,0879   . . .   In 3 months – almost $25,000 on Travel and […]