Monday’s bills – FOIA’s filed!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for 1/22/2018

Tari finally filed an expense report – 1st one since his PCard was yanked:

Council and staff weren’t eating at your expense in December.  I wonder what event is 1/27?  There is nothing on the City Calendar.  Buy local?  Ha.


This guy is getting an award Monday night – Heritage Award: 

– Fred Wollrab—Individual Committed to Preservation

It’s not his first grant.


More “grants” with your money.  How are the Winners of grants and Losers picked?  The worthiness of the recipient is immaterial to the process.  The appearance is buying votes with your money:


This one deserves a FOIA, 3 people-$1600 each, to the Economic Development Council.  I wonder if they attended a class on “government doesn’t create property“?



8 thoughts on “Monday’s bills – FOIA’s filed!

  1. $36.55 for Renner’s meal. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just his expense after seeing some past ones he submitted without any other attendees. Too bad he can’t discuss business over a brown bag or even go somewhere like Subway or McDonalds. He could even go support Mathy’s business and have Kelly’s lunch for two for about $20-25.


  2. Seriously, how much business is discussed over a lunch? It’s a PR move and nothing more. The political science professor is working the system for his persoal benefit, except for the fact that he is a fool in being a part to further ushure in the failed socialist ideology of government. These are the people who give him the attention that he needs for self fulfillment as further evidenced by his “I’m the Mayor” shirt that he was recently wearing. What a dope.


  3. There are so many quasi-governmental entities pursuing “economic development” which are subsidized with tax dollars with no evidence of growth or development. The local economy has been shrinking–look at the flat revenue even with the 1% sales tax increase of 2016. There is negative growth–look at utility and water usage. STOP giving $$ to these groups!! It is a waste!!


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