“Yes” shows trust in Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

Editorial in the Pantagraph March 3, 2004:  (available at the library)

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9 thoughts on ““Yes” shows trust in Council

  1. Let’s face it…. in both towns for many many years we have not elected the sharpest knives in the drawer. If people don’t bother to vote, you get leaders like we have gotten for the last 30 years….Unimaginative, self-absorbed, narcissistic power seekers who put their own self interest and the interest of their friends and business associates above public service and doing the people’s work. We got what we deserve here….leadership that couldn’t manage our cities in the 20th Century, let alone shepherd us into a 21st Century world. It is a sad state of affairs here. Moe, Larry and Curly are running the asylum…and yes it is not even remotely funny.

      1. You are correct – we don’t deserve to be betrayed – but when you elect people like this, betrayal is part of the package. When public service and dedication to doing the people’s work is not the prime motivator to serve, you get what we got…. and currently have.

  2. Good to know that Judy Markowitz and Tom Hamilton KNEW better then the citizens.
    Now we have Tari and his puppets for that….

  3. Nearly every member of the Council and the mayor’s office, past and present, when into local government because they believed in using its power to mold things in their self-interest. Lawrence451 is spot on! The local government has blown through money, running up massive debt with nothing to show for it but a vacant Downtown. Tari and friends spend millions on Downtown yet they still can’t keep a tenant to save their life. They should have just lit the money on fire, at least we could have stayed warm and toasted marshmallows.

  4. You left a part of the story out! Who wrote the opinion. I would be curious what they have to say for themselves now!

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