Connect Transit spending

By:  Diane Benjamin

The bills approved for payment at the September Connect Transit Board meeting are included here:

Toward the bottom of the list is this:

ct1 ct2

These card charges total $11,209.28.

I did A FOIA request for the last three months of Commerce Bank card charges.  See them here:  Commerce-Bank-statements

These charges are from the statement is dated 7/18, pages 2-6.  Travel expenses include trips to Arizona, Virginia, and Michigan.  Others may be listed, it’s not easy to tell from the statement.

The May Report for the June meeting shows NO spending on Visa Cards


April bills show travel of:,%202016%20Regular%20Board%20Agenda%20Binder1.pdf


June Travel shows:,%202016%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder1.pdf

junetravelSomehow the exact same amount is listed for July:,%202016%20Reguar%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder1.pdf
The statement with charges from July and August (pages 7-12) show travel to New York, Minnesota, Colorado, and North Dakota.

The August and September statement (pages 13-19) has travel to California, Moline Il, Dairy Queen (180.30), and Advocate Healthcare (75.00).

Many of these trips show more than one person traveled to the same place.

Ridership continues to decline and the losses are massive.  What do they learn from traveling?

(How to spend the exact same amount two months in a row?)





5 thoughts on “Connect Transit spending

  1. You are amazing! Please keep it up! I am getting behind Kevin Lower and want to concentrate on getting the Christian community to the polls. Not sure yet what that will entail but since so few people actually vote, I know that we can win!! And YOU are the reason I am knowledgeable and enthused about getting involved!

    Thank you,



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