Connect Transit: September Fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the September report here:

Revenue from riders doesn’t come close to pay the wages of the employees:


The total operating loss appears to not be a red flag for anybody:

Government can’t come up with a way to transport people without losing $833,895 in one month?

The loss would be less without expenses like these:

A FOIA request has been filed for details.


Page 19 claims Fixed Route ridership is up over last year:




Connect Mobility was up too:




The operating loss for September 2016 was $877,994.44.

Because of this increase in riders: Connect lost $44,099 less.

The audited financial statements are included in the packet:

 Keep in mind – losses like these (and much worse) are happening across the country, your taxes are paying for it.


See the Board of trustees here:





  1. The Board of Trustees looks like “white privilege”. Maybe Mayor Renner should create a Connect Transit Review Board for the Connect Transit Board of Trustees based on under and/or non-represented people groups on the Board.
    I’m sorry Diane…. I should not have added that REPLY as that may give Mayor Renner another idea for civilian involvement and further deepening his talons into the servants he represents.


  2. garibaldi says:

    What a bunch of loons. The busses are never holding more than ten riders.



  1. […] I filed a FOIA request for details from Connect Transit – Travel & Meetings:  $10,272.18.  Original story here: […]


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