Tari needs to give Bruce Meeks an award!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last Saturday a guy mowing grass for one of Bruce’s neighbors fell in a hole near his house:

Bruce grabbed a ladder and climbed in the hole.  The mower had landed on the guy, luckily it didn’t cut him.

Bruce got the mower off of him and waiting in the hole with him for 911 to arrive.

This is what the guy fell on to:



Don’t forget – Bruce Meeks is the guy Tari Renner sent this email to:

Tari still hasn’t apologized.

Doesn’t Tari owe Bruce a Good Citizen Award?

I wonder if the City lawyers are already calculating the payout.  The guy wasn’t seriously injured.





24 thoughts on “Tari needs to give Bruce Meeks an award!

  1. Renner believes he never does anything wrong. Renner never accepts responsibly for his poor behavior. Why would it ever occur to him to apologize? There are so many “unsung” heroes like Bruce who never get or expect any recognition for doing the right thing. Only Renner’s buddies want kudos and kickbacks.


  2. Tari is too worried about the Illinois State Police throwing his corrupt behind into the slammer to do actual “good” work.


      1. Can Jurgens be that foolish as to not recommend to Renner that the PCard no longer be used? Unbelievable!!


      2. Quick! Someone take away the knife and fork from lil Tari. Plastic only for you young man. I say, the way he responds to citizens sometimes he could go postal any minute.


  3. Sounds like a scam. How did this guy fall into the hole mowing his lawn? Since when does grass grow in the street? Did he not know it was there? Did he forget it was there? Did he ignore the fence and barricades. I hope the police are looking into this guy who is obviously trying to fleece a city that needs every penny. I’m sure you agree, Diane. But if not, keep reporting the news no one else reports. Interview the guy who fell in the hole.


  4. Renner has nothing to do with an idiot falling in a clearly marked hole in the street. Why the hell is he mowing the road? Did you push him in to further your political agenda?!?!?


    1. Diane, what’s the IP address? Is “Lyzz” one of those out-of-town Leftist trolls (probably Soros paid), or is she(?) one of the plethora of home-grown Commie freaks that likes to disrupt intelligent discussion on your site? (We all already know about Rich.)


      1. I lived in Bloomington for 29 years and just recently relocated to Peoria. Not a paid troll, just a bored housewife and mother who loves the soap opera of local politics. I don’t always disagree with Diane, just most of the time. I’m curious what kind of information she could dig up in Peoria. 🙂


      2. I’m not a commie, just an anarchist idealistically, and a democratic socialist in practice. Definitely a freak though


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