Remember when Tari claimed officials had been assaulted?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the VIDEO in this story:

What Tari claims has happened is a FELONY.  Were police reports filed?


Why was it denied?

I originally tried to file for a longer time frame, but they told me it was too long.  Then the City lost my response to a request to narrow the time period.  I had to send them a copy.

On the video Tari made it sound like the “assaults” were very recent.  Obviously they weren’t.  If Tari wants to produce a police report, I will happily print it.

Media:  If Tari’s lips move you MUST start getting proof that supports his mouth.

His lies are constant and getting worse.

13 thoughts on “Remember when Tari claimed officials had been assaulted?

  1. I think what Renner is referring to was during his petition challenge. There were words exchanged between Renner and his challenger during the BEC meeting. If that is the case, I saw no physical altercation.

  2. In other matters, on tonight’s agenda what about item E under the regular agenda to amend the city code to clarify provisions on public comment. What’s up with that? Has the recent heat in public comment for Tari’s welcome back party prompting Tari to seek to put a stop to it?

  3. If Charlie Reynard could take one on the jaw (or was it the nose) back in the day . . . LOL!, just kidding.

    And that was a skirmish between State’s Attorney candidates, no less.

    Whatever, to me, he’s just spewing narcissistic personality disorder projection (where the person who is guilty blames the other party first . . . kinda like a cheater always accuses the non-cheating partner of cheating, your typical ‘gaslighting’ bs) and painting himself as a victim.

  4. All the regular citizens who like to do public comment should meet after each council meeting and do a video of comments and then post to Vimeo or Dtube. (Youtube is so yesterday and sooner or later will delete the account anyway.)

      1. Not sure I understand your question. Another idea of what has already been done. You’ve probably saw it. Silhouettes of citizens, making comments in review of the council video. This could be really hilarious! Would do it myself but old stanky doesn’t have a video camera.

      2. old stanky, I’ve never seen the type of video you are describing. It would be funny. Some people who speak during public comment are very nervous and uncomfortable. They speak out of conviction not for attention.

  5. I for one, hate, hate, hate making public comment. It’s time consuming, exhausting, and extremely stressful…but I tell myself that my children are watching and I want them to know that we stand up to bullies and that the current system is wrong and unethical on so many levels. Secretly, and to be totally honest, there is this little part of me that still believes change is possible and that we can be kind, decent, honest human beings who cheer for each other and help each other. I see kindness everyday, unfortunately it is rarely in the leadership sector.

    1. “I see kindness everyday, unfortunately it is rarely in the leadership sector.”

      They are too busy planning their next “business lunch” at Rosie’s or their next outing to Epiphany Farms, Reality Bites or Anju Above, personally, I’d get bored eating at those same 4 places all of the time.

  6. And the food is SOOO millennial oriented! Give me steak and potatoes. I don’t need a fancy plate with a few weeds scatted on it and someone to give it a French name.
    Probably isn’t even TRULY organic anyway. But people like Tari eat that crap up because SOMEONE tells them it’s “IN”. Maybe we should tell him that flying over the Grand Canyon in a Red Flyer Wagon is “IN”!
    I’ll miss the wagon…

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