Unit 5 referendum vote totals

By: Diane Benjamin


Bloomington Unit 5:

Added together: (😣)

Yes: 16,547

No: 19,196

Stay tuned draconian predictions from Unit 5

Only 52.44% of registered voters in Bloomington bothered to vote.

The County only had 60.52%.

Obviously the Republic can’t be “kept” when citizens don’t participate.





5 thoughts on “Unit 5 referendum vote totals

  1. Amazing that so many citizens do not care to vote when tax increases are on the ballot.
    Elections have Consequences – fortunately enough showed up to stop this one.

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  2. 16.547 – Actually Voted YES?
    Seems mind-boggling to me.

    I find it AMAZING that folks would vote – yes = to please raise my taxes and/or my rent!
    We know that “extra” money already flowed through the school districts AND the districts enrollment numbers are down.

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    1. The problem isn’t low voter turnout, but rather low voter knowledge. Whether they believed the ‘higher rates mean lower taxes’ line, just assumed the higher number of pro-tax signs meant it was a good thing, voted on gut feeling of ‘higher taxes mean better schools’, or somethingn else, most who voted for it did so because they didn’t fully understand the issue(s).
      Now that this election is over, the issue is getting good candidates onto the ballot for the next election, followed soon after by making sure voters know to vote for them.
      – All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing – There are good people investing a lot of time and money into serving you – please do your part and circulate petitions if you can, or actively reach out to sign petitions. I know signatures are needed in Normal, and may be in other jurisdictions as well.

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    1. @DJ – The “parents’ betrayal”?

      ALL the betrayal lies on the backs of the State of Illinois democrats that pushes their education funding responsibility onto the local school districts, Gov Pritzker who won’t address pension funding, the ISBE that pushes immoral, unwanted ideology into the classroom, and Unit 5 administration that is too weak-kneed to stand up for what is right. They have all betrayed the students, the parents, the teachers and our future.

      You cannot buy your way out of the pit of educational failure that they have dug. They are going in the wrong direction financially and morally. I refuse to follow them.


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