The Letter

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari has thought he is god’s gift to Bloomington since the day he got elected the first time.  He planned to RULE, not serve.  Every action he has taken from his first day on the job proves that.  He has no concept of what most people think a mayor should be.

The total budget under his dictatorship if now $214,126,710.  The total budget when Tari first became mayor was $167,503,453.   Theft by government is legal, especially when the council serves the master, not the citizens.

Bloomington now has inspectors combing the City for people to harass.  I frequently see Facebook posts from people receiving City letters about things like their downspout being too long, they’ve lived in the home for years and bought it with the same downspout.  The City has its own court now to prove their dominion over the serfs paying higher taxes.

The list of tyrannical acts is virtually endless.  By far the worst is Tari’s attempt to silence critics.

The Council did nothing when Tari Renner frequently attacked and cut off Judy Stearns during her time on the Council.  Neither did the media.  Kevin Lower received the same treatment because he didn’t fall in line behind the “dear leader”.  Again the Council did nothing.  The media danced with Renner and  considered him beyond reproach.  Even when Tari recruited his students to attack Stearns and Lower the media said nothing.

The Council did finally censure Tari in 2015 for comments he made here.  It wasn’t called a censure though, just some statement.  I hear some on the Council didn’t want to do anything,   The apology to me was staged, the media even pretended to be appalled at his thinking I attacked his son.  It didn’t last long.

The censure did nothing to change Renner’s behavior.

The letter the Council handed him last night won’t either.

Tari immediately called it politically motivated, just business as usual for him.  Looks like the standing ovation for “his” Council at the last meeting was just as appalling to 6 members of the Council as it was to us.  Evidently Amelia Buragas, Scott Black, and Kimberly Bray approve of his behavior since they didn’t sign.  The rumor is that Bray has never voted in a local election before being elected.  That would mean she is also uniformed.  If she wants to send me proof she did vote, I’d happily print it.  Meanwhile she marginalized herself to her Ward.

The best thing Tari could do for Bloomington is resign.  Of course he won’t.  He isn’t capable of an honest apology.  His god-complex will not allow him to admit he is wrong.  Descending the throne in humility before the fleeced will never happen.

Tari will be mayor for another  3 years and 5 months.  Every expense report he turns in will be FOIA’d.  Citizen outrage at their local circus clowns will continue to grow.  It already has.  Tari’s obvious lies will continue because the Council and the media will allow him to do it.

Lost in the “letter’ conversation is what the citizens said last night, starting with Judy Stearns and ending with Angela Scott.  Just hit play below to hear comments from the beginning.  Don’t miss Leon Kaeb around 26:15.  Donna Boelen mentioned problems with the PCard ordinance as proposed.  She was of course ignored by the Council.

As more proof the Council continues to ignore what is written here, Diana Hauman did not send me the “letter” as part of the media.  Thanks for confirming what we already knew Diana.


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  1. Diane, Why don’t to you start a petition to recall Renner. You have the following and the vehicle here to reach people.


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  2. I have always believed Renner to be a coward, but a mentally unstable and potentially violent one. Really have come to prefer this scenario for dealing with him: If you encounter him in public, simply identify yourself as “Maggie”, or one of the 2 or 3 other frequent commentators on Diane’s blog who he is known to be obsessed with. Think there is a decent chance he will respond physically, and surely, SURELY, a felony assault charge would end his career in City Hall and maybe even at IWU. And, if he happened to go so far as to set up a legitimate self-defense situation…..well…..wouldn’t that just be delicious!

  3. Diane, if you put half as much energy as you put forth picking on Tari Renner (who, while not perfect, is far from the despot you claim him to be) and directed it at Trumpo the Clown you might beat Mueller at getting the ball rolling on impeachment 😂

      1. I think you may have hit a nerve Diane, and yeah, Lyzz – this is local politics/news, also keep dreaming about a Trump impeachment it will make the coming Trump landslide in 2020 easier for you to deal with. Everyday people are waking up to the Renners and the other socialists posing as democrats on local, state and national levels and they are not liking what they see, Illinois may be a little slow on the uptake, but at least most of “downstate” is awake now.

    1. Lyzz, have you read this blog lately? There have many stories about the corruption in the city of Atlanta.

      1. um no one is perfect – Diane and her readers (I among them) never asked Tari to be perfect only to uphold the law and not overspend. The way he responds to those that criticize him is disturbing. Additionally, I pack my leftovers for lunch everyday to save money while my Mayoral King eats out for lunch near daily on my dime, and better yet while on ‘leave’. I’m sick and tired of my taxes used to support his lifestyle. Why can’t business meetings be held at city hall instead of Rosies’/Lucca Grill/Anju Above? It’s an abuse of our money. If you aren’t outraged I’m glad you have the finances to so freely give to him to use frivolously.

  4. The Madness of King Tarry, yeah, it’s kind of like that isn’t it? It seems he will have to run naked in the streets screaming “I AM THE KING OF BLOOMINGTON!!! All must bow before me!!! It is lunch time and I DEMAND to be fed!!! Where is my PCard?” in order for us to be shed of him, and even then they would likely just give him a “medical leave”. All kidding aside (actually I am only kind of kidding) Diane has hit it spot on, there seems to be nothing short of a forced resignation to get rid of him, also, I have suspected for a while myself that they are drumming up “code violations” in order to harass people and maybe even seize property in some targeted areas. The elite in their Ivory Towers of course have no concept of how bad the tyranny really is. PEOPLE have to start voting in this town and voting informed, not like blind sheep – of course that will be a huge uphill battle in itself. Plus, as “we” here know, it goes a lot deeper than just Mad King Tarry, pretty much the entire council as well as the toadies and lackeys are of the same ilk. This is what happens when people “don’t follow politics” and are then governed by people they have no idea about. I tell people about some of the stuff here and they can hardly believe how bad it is. As Woody Guthrie said (to paraphrase a little) “In this world there 2 kinds of outlaws, one robs you with a gun, the other with a pen, but the first kind never puts a family from their home” – Bloomington is run by the first kind these days. The taxes are also of course approaching and surpassing some, “big city” levels as well. I gotta stop, before I go off on more tangents, there are just so many.

  5. In order to limit inappropriate behavior and set boundaries, there needs to be a swift, firm and clear correction as often as is necessary–just like training a dog. That has not occurred. Renner is now an uncontrolled animal, pissing and biting where he pleases, as a result of lack of Council action. There is no one else other than the Council who can curb the Mayor’s actions.

    1. That’s actually an excellent analogy – he is like a spoiled rotten little terrier, ( a Tarrier) without any training or discipline, allowed to piss where he pleases and snap at anyone as he pleases with no correction to speak of.

  6. If the city of bloomington was a real business King Tari would have been replaced a long time ago by the shareholders(citizens) Its time to vote Tari off the island!

  7. Does anyone notice Tari trying to talk people out of Public Comment and encouraging them to attend his open house? It starts around 8:30. On another note worth repeating:

    I want to state that during public comment I have asked for nothing other than freedom, honestly, and no more theft from the poor. I haven’t even asked for street repairs. Is it odd that the Council does not know what to do when citizens are asking for freedom? I bet if I had asked for something tangible, like a bike lane it would have happened. Why is freedom so difficult? Asking for a city, state, and country. If you haven’t read the Declaration of Independence lately you should. Personalize using your language. It is a pretty amazing DECLARATION OF FREEDOM!

    1. Renner instituted his open house right after his first election as mayor as part of his goal to be transparent. Public comment is only for 30 minutes @ 3min/person. He has been making that advertisement for his open house for quite some time.

  8. It is clear that letters of rebuke and censors are not going to change this man’s behavior. In the real world people are disciplined with mandatory counseling. There are also courses that are offered in which Tari would have to learn the appropriate way to use email. It’s obvious that he has problems that are in need of professional help. If the City Council is unwilling to call for his resignation then they are obviously ok with him remaining on as mayor. At the very least they need to require some type of corrective discipline otherwise letters like last night’s are totally worthless.

    1. Corrective disipline may come from multiple letters and multiple emails, phone calls, etc. Keep hammering. Considering all, finally perhaps the truth will prevail.

  9. WOW ! Tari Renner and Donald Trump mentioned in the same comment with name calling aimed at Trump I guess someone learned well from Tari Renners name calling.

  10. I’m tired of hearing this “you don’t live in Bloomington, Diane” crap therefore implying Diane doesn’t have a right to criticize or write about a Bloomington or Normal government. The people making these statements are mouth breathers. Diane, I’m giving you $100.00 ( one hundred dollars) equity in my backyard. There, you own some property in Bloomington. Now hush Lizard!

    1. I pay Bloomington Library and Sales tax, but even if I didn’t – where is it written reporters must live where they report? Think all Chicago Tribune reporters live in Chicago? Not if they are smart!

      1. I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE PROPERTY IN Bloomington now. $100 of land in Bloomington is how much? Probably about 1 foot, not squared. Diane I would decline Kevin’s offer as you will immediately be taxed. And Kevin you better rescind the offer or WGLT will do an article about how you fail to manage said adjoining property and you will be fined. (Disclaimer I’m not a lawyer or a journalist).

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