County isn’t getting the money

By:  Diane Benjamin

I could have predicted what would happen last night with sharing expenses to redesign the Towanda-Barnes/Ireland Grove intersection.  $900,000 is a lot of money, but I bet this Council won’t even approve spending far less.  The proposal was for the County to pay half and the City half.

That intersection is:

Not In The City Core

The advisory Master Plan (that isn’t really advisory) says Downtown, Downtown, Downtown only.  It doesn’t matter the City is raking in property taxes from the Grove.

According to the documentation for this item, 66% of the subdivision is yet to be developed.  PDF page 260

More property taxes, but a safe intersection won’t be in those citizen’s future.  The Council sent the project to the newly formed Transportation Commission.  Every member was appointed by Tari Renner, including Michael Gorman famous for demanding the bike lanes that have turned E Washington into a hazard few people benefit from.  Lots of people  are suffering from the changes, but that was the point.  Increase congestion!

Maybe if Gorman knew I get a lot of bikers out here in the country he would approve it.  They use that intersection to get here since I frequently see them on Ireland Grove Road past Benjamin Elementary.  Maybe he can demand a bike lane.

Aldermen Hauman, Bray, and Mwilambwe did stand up for the east-side residents after Black and Schmidt cited projects that wouldn’t get done if they funded this one.  Just hit play below to hear Black and Schmidt.  The others follow.  Keep in mind they earlier looked at spending  $7,363,000 over 10 years on brick streets – City Core!

Yes, I’m getting to the letter.



One thought on “County isn’t getting the money

  1. The Council probably won’t approve the oversized sewer for The Grove, either. They fail to recognize the NE quadrant of the City is financially supporting the remainder, including the downtown. The $300K and up homes generate significant property taxes. The families have significant discretionary income to generate sales tax revenue and frequent the BCPA and Arena. The neighborhoods are already there and have opportunities for “in-fill.” The Council and Mayor have blinders on.

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