Hauman in Renner out!?!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Scott Laughlin did a reasonably good interview with Diana Hauman this morning about her run for mayor.

Listen to it here:  https://audioboom.com/boos/5051767-diana-hauman-bloomington-alderwoman-9-15-16

Hauman is Tari Renner.  Downtown is all that matters, the roads will take decades to fix.  Diana really never said what makes her a better choice, only that she’s not running against Tari – she’s running for Bloomington.

She wants “green space” downtown, maybe a dog park.  She’s “envisioning” an outdoor ice skating rink.  The college kids are leaving town when they graduate because Bloomington doesn’t have a downtown.  People from the east side need a reason to come downtown.

Heard this before?

I’m even more convinced that Tari is dropping out.  The only difference between Hauman and Renner is her plans for downtown are even bigger than his.

Diana is a nice lady, except when she walked out of the council chamber during a public comment she refused to listen to.  Fistbump never got an apology from Hauman when she accused him of committing a felony for knocking on Nora Dukowitz’s door.  If she stays in the race I will be printing more!

Meanwhile, if you think government creates economic activity that works – she’s your candidate.  If you know government screws up more things than it gets right, she isn’t.  Think Coliseum.

If the voters actually go to the polls this time, the decades of throwing money at downtown will end.

Question for the Hauman:

We constantly hear the plan to fix the roads will take a long time because you don’t want to resurface roads only to fix sewers etc later which would require re-doing the road.

If that’s the plan, roads will have potholes for decades?

You don’t have a less than permanent fix just so cars don’t break axles or bend rims on the most hole filled roads now?

If the sewer plan for a road is still 5 years away, you can’t come up with a 5 year fix?





20 thoughts on “Hauman in Renner out!?!

    1. Markowitz quote on BCPA and Coliseum: She’s confident that time will change any reluctant minds. “Two to three years from now, when both projects are up and running successfully-and when both the arena and the cultural district in our historic, redeveloped downtown are bringing the community together for family fun and education-I’m certain our citizens will be very pleased we’re providing them with a great variety of activities so they don’t have to go out of town for enjoyment, arts, sports, and entertainment.”



      1. Hauman’s vision for downtown in no way represents the citizens of Bloomington. The results of the Citizens Summit are buried somewhere on a shelf and ignored. I believe the Summit was held before the Downtown Strategic Plan was prepared by a consultant for $400,00.00. There is plenty of green space on the IWU campus to watch people–maybe interact with the students to convince them to stay and offer them jobs which don’t exist because there is a dog park downtown instead of places to work. How many historic structures will have to be demolished to accomplish her vision? The definition of insanity is to repeat actions and expect different results. God help us all!!


  1. She is getting in trying to help ensure a primary. If they get one Renner drops out and endorses her right away. Meanwhile conservatives in the race have spent their time and money beating each other up fighting over the same voters. When it comes time for the main election the liberals are loaded with money and ready for another four years.


  2. What station is Scott Laughlin on?

    Where is Ian bayne snd fostbump now??

    92.9 sucks … I think. My opinion.

    Sent from my iPhone



      1. Exactly. I was thinking that I would bring in my tire repair and alignment bill to the next Town Hall and ask them to pay it OR buy me a flying car. This is a childhood dream come true.


    1. Only bike paths!?!
      Whether people believe it or not, adequate infrastructure is what attracts businesses, therefore jobs. Good paying jobs attract people. All of which increase the tax base. When you buy a house, what is more important, the paint job and flower beds or the solid foundation without cracks or evidence of water damage. Just sayin’…


      1. No. No. We have to trust that our elected officials know what is best for us. If that means they want us to build on sand in a flood plain then by god we better get digging OR does that mean it’s time to pack your bags and move as far away from Illinois as you can? I keep forgetting.


  3. You missed the best part.
    “she prefers to listen” she said
    Hahahaha I about fell out my chair on that one LMAO.

    Nice pipe dreams going on in her head when it comes to the downtown. Steak n Shake there, are you kidding me. What do you want them to do go broke and have to close the place?

    Seriously a goal should be to attract new employers with well paying jobs here not downtown revitalization.


  4. ,,,that if the path to destruction is continuously followed then it is obvious that destruction is the intent.


  5. Joni Painter ALWAYS puts the blame on PAST councils, how LONG has Diane been on the council? And as for downtown revitalization, that was started June 19, 1900. It’s been going down hill since the 50’s


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