$$$$ Saved, doubtful

Correction:  Karen Schmidt did report that Diana Hauman was sick

By:  Diane Benjamin

Alderman Hauman and Mayor Renner were both absent last night.  Not a word was spoken about either.  That means 20% of the people you elected were missing.  Progressives evidently don’t think they have any responsibility to citizens.  Of course watching them in action confirms that.

David Hales is leaving.  I wonder if he is still planning on attending conferences at your expense?

Every year you are forced to pay conferences, hotel, and travel expenses so staff etc can attend events like this one.  Anybody think a vacation to San Antonio will be skipped in favor of attending the Virtual Annual Conference?

I doubt it too.

ICMA is the INTERNATIONAL City/County Managers Association.

It’s bad enough they claim every City must use “Best Practices” and therefore operate identical.  They want every CITY in the world doing the same things.

No need for local government laboratories completing against each other to achieve results for taxpayers at the lowest possible cost.  ICMA will tell them what government works best.

(at your expense)

2 thoughts on “$$$$ Saved, doubtful

  1. ANYONE who has any sense, and has attended any of these insipid “conferences” and “workshops” KNOW that they are simply a front for a vacation (I have) – they DO take up just enough of your time though that it’s maybe not a real GOOD vacation, but it’s still an “ok” one and it’s pretty much FREE so sure why not go? The peasants are paying it for it. As to best practices, yeah gimme a break that’s just code words “The PROGRESSIVE way”


  2. YEAH! Maybe WE could be a MONEY making city! Do they have ANY speakers at these whoop-de-doos that is a LEADER from a city that MAKES money and has FISCAL responsibility??
    Prove it Hales, Renner, Council!


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