Pay up SERF!

By:  Diane Benjamin

When you pick progressives to run your City you will pay more in taxes.  You picked their vision to “keep moving Bloomington forward”.  Fiscal responsibility and Needs before Wants aren’t ever discussed.  Send this article to the local leftists so they know what progress looks like:  Why Are Liberal Cities So Unaffordable

Alderman Painter wants to drastically increase your fees for sewer and water over 3 years – not 20.  Alderman Buragas wants much higher rates now too.  After decades of neglect, they want a quick fix.  David Hales implied they might float a bond soon for roads since the Gas Tax didn’t work, he must think increasing the gas tax now isn’t an option.

Here’s what the Council didn’t tell you:

They don’t want to borrow money for essential services that have been neglected for decades.  They expect you to pay now for the services only government can perform, like sewer and storm water.

They want to borrow money for the pretty things:  New City Hall, new parking garages, Creativity Center remodel, etc etc etc.  Borrowing other money might mean they can’t borrow for wants!

David Hales let the truth slip.  These funds that now MUST balance haven’t existed forever.  They were created to force you to pay more.   The other tax money has been diverted to lavish salaries, gold-plated benefits, and massive pensions, Grossinger Motors Arena, BCPA, and WANTS.  As Bloomington implodes under the weight of  theft by taxes, don’t forget this is what the majority in Bloomington voted for.

I find it hilarious that Hales and company can say with a straight face the money is limited to what’s in the funds.  The sewers are falling apart, a disaster, but money from the General Fund absolutely can’t be used to fix them.   Ending frivolous spending on consultants and downtown can’t be suspended no matter how great the crisis.  PROGRESS!  Contrast this Council with the County considering cuts:  County Considers Buyouts Wage and Hiring Freezes

Alderman Scott Black wants progressive rates.  See 38:20  In English:  Tax The RICH.  Scotty, former Alderman Judy Stearns mentioned the Council crushing the poor over and over and over.  YOU voted for taxes that hurt them the most: Utilities Tax, Sales Tax, Gas Tax,  Garbage, etc.  Now you care about the poor?  They don’t have to pay their fair share?

Watch the Hales spin here:


4 thoughts on “Pay up SERF!

  1. Good grief if slow as cold molasses city manager was in the private sector he’d be unemployed. Drip, drip, drip….. Can someone please turn off that annoying faucet.
    So is he leaving? Does he need help packing?


  2. He’s basically INCOMPETENT! WHY do you think Topeka, Kansas said SORRY DUDE!
    Seriously, does he REALLY impress ANYONE???
    He’s SO overpaid that’s it’s REALLY NOT FUNNY!


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