Something you probably missed Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin Buried in the Consent Agenda for last Monday’s Council meeting was the approval of Minutes from a meeting held October 22, 2012. See the minutes here:  10/22/2012 Minutes  The meeting was a Work Session concerning pension funding and the tax levy.  The discussion was not profound, why the Minutes weren’t previously approved […]

Council wrap up-everything else

By:  Diane Benjamin I have to try the bird-cage liner approach for a minute, only because all this stuff doesn’t fit together: Cheers To Alderman Hauman for offering to lead the next retreat instead of paying Lynn Montei huge bucks.  The Council still has to make it official next Monday.  Little jeers to some Council […]

Hauman: Unfit for office

By:  Diane Benjamin The best parts of City Council meetings are frequently Public Comment and Aldermen comments at the end of meetings.  Last night was no exception. Alderman Hauman READ a statement declaring some people guilty of misusing free speech.  She even claimed people and businesses wouldn’t locate here if they watched Public Comment. I […]

Roundtable Report

By: Diane Benjamin I attended the Roundtable council meeting held today at the Police Station.  Only 4 alderman attended:  Black, Hauman, Painter, and Schmidt.  Mayor Renner did not, but maybe 10-12 staff people were there.  I don’t personally know many of the staff, so it’s difficult for me to determine who was there. Many citizens […]

What are you?

By:  Diane Benjamin I realized something this morning.  I’m a 2nd generation American!  There was only one generation of my family born in America before me.  All of my grandparents immigrated here as children.  Their families FLED to this country for refuge from European wars.  I never knew my dad’s parents (long story), but I […]

Proof: They lied!

By:  Diane Benjamin Another taxpayer asked IMRF for information about the City of Bloomington’s policy allowing pensions spiking.  Remember this cost you more than $1.2 MILLION dollars. See the email below FROM IMRF. The RED and BLUE are from me.   From: John Krupa <[email protected]> To: (redacted) Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2015 10:53 AM Subject: […]

More on Public Comment . . .

(Edgar County Watchdogs) Bloomington, IL. (ECWd) – I recently conducted a survey of cities similar in size to Bloomington, IL., including cities with a population of between 58,000 and 108,000 residents. Bloomington has 76,610 according to the 2010 census, and fall in the middle range of this survey. So this is a good sample of […]

Classless Alderman Hauman

By:  Diane Benjamin Citizens of Bloomington need to watch Public Comment from tonight’s meeting.  It starts about 5:30. Cities 92.9 sent a different representative tonight. He was a must see first speaker. Since the camera was on the speaker, viewers didn’t see Alderman Hauman get up and leave.  Renner said after the speaker that she […]

Hey Bloomington:

By:  Diane Benjamin The last time next year’s budget was discussed was March 7th.  Since then – crickets.  Why? Council meetings were held on 3/9, 3/16, and 3/23.  Budget discussions disappeared, but then there is an election Tuesday. The new budget has to be in place on May 1st.  Last year the budget wasn’t approved […]

Negative Economic Activity

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington loves to justify spending with economic impact numbers.  The Coliseum management claims they have generated MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars of local economic activity, the Zoo is getting ready to create their own numbers.  If we just spend more . . . Meanwhile, tax receipts are down while […]

Fly on the Wall: Renner & Ward 8

Renner is going to appoint one of the two candidates who applied to fill Fazzini’s seat.  We already know who Renner is going to appoint, even though the Pantagraph is reporting she will be interviewed by phone.  He is going to appoint Diana DeSio Hauman, it doesn’t matter the other applicant (Alton Franklin) attends virtually every […]