Proof: They lied!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another taxpayer asked IMRF for information about the City of Bloomington’s policy allowing pensions spiking.  Remember this cost you more than $1.2 MILLION dollars.

See the email below FROM IMRF.

The RED and BLUE are from me.


From: John Krupa <>
To: (redacted)
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2015 10:53 AM
Subject: IMRF

(Redacted):  –
Kathy O’Brien forwarded me your email.
The IMRF Board of Trustees passed a resolution in 2010 expressing its “unequivocal opposition” to spiking. IMRF staff continually works to educate participating units of government about how local compensation practices drive pension costs. At the end of the day, however, IMRF has no legal authority to control compensation decisions made by local government, or the resulting impact on employees’ pensions. I do want to point out that while some IMRF employers have a history of spiking salaries, it is not a common practice across the system. Most of our participating employers have reasonable compensation practices and the pensions of their members are fully funded at retirement, at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.
If you want more specifics about salary spiking in the City of Bloomington, you are free to file a Freedom of Information Act request with IMRF.
This is a link to our online system:
If you click on the “FOIA Request Archive” you can see the requests filed by some of the local media in Bloomington. If you like, you could model your request after the requests they made.
John Krupa
IMRF Communications Manager

Will Buragas apologize now?

How about Hauman?  Renner?

Bigger question:  Will the Council FIRE Hales for lies and incompetence?

$1,200,000+ thrown away, but they want tax increases!

I wonder if this will be part of their retreat discussion on  “Self-Evaluation of practices and procedures or professional ethics”.

( )

Do they have any ethics to discuss?

4 thoughts on “Proof: They lied!

  1. Can I get a job with the city? I’ll work for 1/4 of Hales pay and actually DO SOMETHING and only be incompetent part of the time. PLUS,, I like to bring my LUNCH to work. WILL THAT WORK?? naaaaw!


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