Media covering the lies?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why has the media NOT reported truthfully on the City of Bloomington’s waste of $1.2 Million?

Pantagraph?  WJBC?  Cities?  WGLT?

Maybe they interviewed Hales or Renner, but they wouldn’t be getting truth!

If you clicked on the link to IMRF in this post:  you can get to their page showing FOIA requests filed by media:

I’m listed 3 times, but I didn’t see any requests from other local media!  City Attorney Jeff Jurgens is listed.  He wanted a list of all IMRF participants who has accelerated payments assessed.  I wonder if he found out Bloomington is the worst offender?

Lost in the HUGE waste by the City of Bloomington is what Normal and Unit 5 threw away.  They are fortunate it’s small in compassion:

FOIA_Request_AP_-_IMRF Bloomington,_Normal,_Mclean-4z





Maybe the press can find out how Normal got almost $14,000 waived.  I have to leave something for them to do!



3 thoughts on “Media covering the lies?

  1. Look, just co-operate with “us” on your way out the door and we’ll see you get a big fat bonus to your pension! No worries, once you got it, you got it!


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