Media covering the lies?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why has the media NOT reported truthfully on the City of Bloomington’s waste of $1.2 Million?

Pantagraph?  WJBC?  Cities?  WGLT?

Maybe they interviewed Hales or Renner, but they wouldn’t be getting truth!

If you clicked on the link to IMRF in this post:  you can get to their page showing FOIA requests filed by media:

I’m listed 3 times, but I didn’t see any requests from other local media!  City Attorney Jeff Jurgens is listed.  He wanted a list of all IMRF participants who has accelerated payments assessed.  I wonder if he found out Bloomington is the worst offender?

Lost in the HUGE waste by the City of Bloomington is what Normal and Unit 5 threw away.  They are fortunate it’s small in compassion:

FOIA_Request_AP_-_IMRF Bloomington,_Normal,_Mclean-4z





Maybe the press can find out how Normal got almost $14,000 waived.  I have to leave something for them to do!



3 thoughts on “Media covering the lies?

  1. Look, just co-operate with “us” on your way out the door and we’ll see you get a big fat bonus to your pension! No worries, once you got it, you got it!

  2. If Jurgens is asking for ALL recipients of pension spiking, it is probably to spin or defend Hales that this is common practice.

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