Bloomington: 2 reps MIA

By:  Diane Benjamin

So, the few of you that actually voted in the last local election thought you were voting for representation.

Joke is on you.

First, most of the Council works for David Hales and Tari Renner, not you.  Vote results are predetermined by free lunch.

Tonight 2 alderman didn’t show – Painter and Hauman are missing or mute and invisible.

The Bloomington police just found a missing girl, maybe they can start a search for your aldermen.

Worse, Tari is conducting the meeting with no mention of where they are.  Maybe they are sick.  Maybe they are out of town.  The only mention of the two was roll call at both meetings, obviously no response.

When citizens make the effort to vote for representation, don’t they at least deserve to know why their public servant doesn’t bother to show up for their job?

Is their pay docked for missing what citizens consider mandatory meetings?

Don’t employers usually fire people for missing work?


3 thoughts on “Bloomington: 2 reps MIA

  1. What’s wrong with Painter and Hauman not being present for the meeting? Even when they are there they only serve Hales and Renner so I say those two old hens can skip every meeting. I wish they would!


  2. I’ve never heard an explanation given when any alderman is absent. The 3 Budget Task Force aldermen were absent when the previous Budget Amendment for the History Museum donation was passed. Like you said, it doesn’t matter if they are present or not the voting results are predetermined. The Mayor and Hales could just as well act as the town cryers and announce the results.


  3. Just shake the box and pull a winner, the WHOLE box is stuffed with THEIR projects, so WHAT DOES IT MATTER, Our street is STILL NOT plowed, and it’s ALL elderly people, heck I’m getting AHEAD of things here, they STILL haven’t picked up the limbs, carpet, etc, from-WHEN was that ice storm? 2 weeks ago? This quality of life is just about more then I/we can stand! As for Painter missing, What’s the deal? She probably gets confused reading the “chemicals” that’s in a cereal box! Let alone making a decent decision without SOMEONE telling her what to do, as for Diana, her broom’s in the shop.


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