Correction: Enough Games!

I’m changing my statements as it pertains to Jamie Mathy and Kim Bray.  The statements they filed this year apply to last year, so alderman would not be on it.  The real problem is the County does not post the Statements of Economic Interest filed with petitions.  That means voters have no way of knowing what possible conflicts exist BEFORE they vote.

The same applies to Chemberly Cummings.


By:  Diane Benjamin

This Illinois law isn’t difficult to understand.  Every person elected to public office is required to file a Statement of Economic Interest.  The forms must be filed with the County Clerk.

(5 ILCS 420/4A-101) (from Ch. 127, par. 604A-101)


This is the County site where anyone can search for the statements that have been filed:

The law clearly states that persons ELECTED to office have to file.  Appointees also have to file, but if an elected person is also appointed, statements need to be filed for all offices.  Filing for just an appointed office does not qualify as filed for an elected office!  Being a Cemetery Trustee or a Township Trustee does not involve the same possible conflicts as being an Alderman.  Citizens have a right to know about all conflicts for all offices held.

Here’s the problem:

Joni Painter did not file as Alderman:

Diana Hauman did not file as Alderman:

Mboka Mwilambwe did not file as Alderman:

Kimberly Bray shows no filings.  She probably filed something as a candidate.  She was required to re-file after winning the April election.

Jamie Mathy hasn’t even filed as a Township Trustee.  He also failed to file as an Alderman.

In Normal, Chemberly Cummings has not filed as Trustee:

David Sage filed perfectly:

Karen Schmidt, Scott Black, Amelia Buragas, and Tari Renner also filed perfectly.  Tari’s claims his mayoral term ends in 2017.  (Still a couple of days!)

Here’s the applicable law:

The problem is Kathy Michael, County Clerk, did not send any certified letters. She accepted the filings done for appointed offices as sufficient.  I received this email from her today:

What these people filed does not comply with the law.  Certified letters need to be sent today along with a $15 penalty for late filing.  That will more than cover the cost.

The law doesn’t say the elected official gets to decide to file or not. Each Unit of Government provides her office with a list of who must file. It’s the County Clerk’s office’s job to make sure all of them file or incur fines for not doing so.

Meanwhile, these people are serving illegally.  Since certified letters were not sent to them, nothing can be done to remove them from office or force them to pay the fine.

I’ve got more on SEIs, maybe tomorrow.





5 thoughts on “Correction: Enough Games!

  1. If you cannot do the most basic thing in filing the paperwork correctly then how can we here in Mayberry ever trust you to ever address in 2018 the structural defeict. Alton Franklin “kicking the can down the road” I hear he got feed up with Bloomington and has LEFT. They should remove themselves from office this is a disgrace with the welcome “more crime” ordinance, taking oaths without noticing the word constitution was not in the oath and now dancing around the economic interests. I here Jamie Mathy filing petition to be on the ballot is invalid and illegal subject to be removed for being on the council.

  2. Hey I looked up welcome more crime renner why is it he has all his positions filed and the rest of the council is a mess ? Someone has some Xplaining to do. How about our expense out of town contract lawyer publicly explain each person and why did the City of Bloomington not get this right for all the boards and commission. If you do a list from the county SEI site for Bloomington only ….what a mess and so many have NOT FILED. Who is representing the PEOPLE of Blooomington compliance of ETHICS LAWS that are not new ? ?? ??? ??? ?? listening just hear ice cracking too cold to hear crickets from the county courthouse or from the ATG office neither will do their JOBS either.

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