Elect Hauman? WHY?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is a brief recap of things I’ve written about previously:

  • Comprehensive City Manger reports are no longer issued because Hauman thinks they are a waste of money.  Now citizens have no idea how tax receipts are trending.  See email HERE  This email also sounds like she doesn’t care about speakers at Public Comment.
  • Hauman re-wrote the City mission statement:  See it HERE “Public Servant” isn’t mentioned, but a lot of government control is
  • Hauman walked out on a black citizen during public comment.  Read about it HERE
  • Hauman wrote in an email that if the writer responds, SHE WON’T READ IT!  See it HERE
  • At an October 2015 meeting, Hauman READ a statement about citizens abusing free speech. (public comment) See it Here
  • Hauman voted for the 1% Sales Tax increase
  • Hauman voted to buy the Sugar Creek Packing property
  • Hauman voted to buy North Main property
  • Hauman wasn’t on the Council for all the other tax increases, but she has voted for every spending and tax since – so one can surmise she would have approved.  See details on this and the three above HERE

Listen to Hauman’s interview from 9/15/16 on WJBC:  HERE

She claims to NOT be running against Tari, but for the City of Bloomington.  She also claimed she likes to listen (except during Public Comment evidently)

She’s a visionary!  Code for I know what you need, give me your money.

Scott Laughlin kept pressing her to explain why she’s different from Tari.  He didn’t get a lot of information there.

Diana thinks downtown NEEDS a hotel, but that’s just part of the strategy.  She wants GREEN SPACE with a stage, dog park, benches, Steak and Shake (?).

Why does she want people downtown?  SOCIALIZE!

Yes folks, it’s government’s job to give you chances to socialize.

Hauman finally says the difference between her and Tari is he doesn’t have a plan for downtown.  (She has a vision)

Sounds like she wants to discuss sharing Sales Taxes with Normal!  Yes, she admitted she would have voted for the tax increases before she was on the Council.

Got to give her an A+ for question evasion.

The ONLY difference between her and Tari is the Liquor Commission.  She would knock King Tari off his throne and expand the members.


  • Elect a mayor who believes your money is yours and taxes for all but essential services is theft
  • Elect yet another mayor with vision for what your Quality of Life should be

It an easy choice!

(Hauman and Renner aren’t among them)



3 thoughts on “Elect Hauman? WHY?

  1. Being elected (or appointed) to public office does not make make one a leader. Renner and Hauman are not leaders.

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