Bloomington: La La Land

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night Mayor Renner is giving his “State of the City” address.  I bet everything is wonderful and under his leadership Bloomington is making great progress toward bankruptcy, oops – I mean prosperity for all!

I wonder if he will inform the people paying the bills why the financial reports from almost a year ago are still missing!

I wonder if Tari will say what taxes and fees need raised next!

I wonder if Tari can explain why Bloomington made a top ten list of cities losing the most jobs!

You didn’t know that?

This article is from last August – before Mitsubishi closed, and before Macy’s, Radio Shack, and the Limited.

8. Bloomington, IL
> Employment decline:
> Number of jobs June 2012: 96,541
> Number of jobs June 2016: 91,848
> Unemployment rate June 2016: 5.2%

While total employment in the U.S. grew by 7.6% over the past four years, it fell by 4.9% in Bloomington. The metro area’s professional and business services industry lost the most employees. Employment in the sector fell by roughly 1,500 workers.

Guess who #7 is?


It only took Tari 3 1/2 years to turn Bloomington into Decatur!

Peoria is #3.  It’s really sad when 3 of the top 10 are in Illinois.  I wonder if Tari is networking with his Dem buddies to demand they do their jobs in Springfield?  I doubt it, they don’t blame Madigan.

Get the popcorn ready,

the Tari annual spin should be a great show!



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