Today’s GOP breakfast

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal people would think a GOP breakfast would be for members of the GOP.  This morning it wasn’t.

Evidently the local GOP is pretending local elections are non-partisan even though Renner has proved Democrats have no spending limits when they have taxpayers wallets to rob.

Most of the candidates for the Bloomington City Council Wards were there.  The most amazing statement came from Joni Painter, the current Ward 5 alderman.  She claimed that last year was the first time in years Bloomington passed a balanced budget.  That statement proves she isn’t fit for office.  Bloomington has never passed a budget that didn’t balance, Tari even threatened to veto a budget if he didn’t get his tax hikes.  That’s how the Gas Tax, Utilities Taxes, and Amusements Tax got passed.  If Joni was talking about Tari’s “structural deficit” that caused the Council to raise the Sales Tax, she is even more clueless.  The spending caused the deficit Joni, cuts to anything were not allowed to be discussed.

One other thing should give voters a reason not to vote for Bob Fike or Kimberly Bray.  Many of the Democrats present all sat together.  It’s pretty hard to run as a fiscal conservative when you hang out with the people who voted for the irresponsible spending and tax hikes:



15 thoughts on “Today’s GOP breakfast

  1. In my opinion, 90% of the existing city council and county board members who call themselves Republicans are liberal to the core. It’s like Halloween all year.


  2. If these “politicians” (for lack of a better term) are Republicans, then I’m a polka dotted platypus. AS for fiscal responsibility, they ALL spend like drunken sailors, and Diane, you said it-CLUELESS!


  3. The breakfast was a pre-election political forum similar to the one held at an earlier GOP breakfast and the evening meeting of the Democratic Party held at their location on Fox Creek Road. I’m sure Democrats don’t ordinarily attend the GOP breakfast. The seating arrangement says a lot about the Pantagraph endorsement of Fike.


  4. This is only a friendly opportunity to meet the candidates. I can assure you that it is by no means an endorsement of liberal candidates. The McLean County GOP is actively working to support conservative ideals in city government. Lupe Diaz is a member of the executive committee and many Republicans are working to get more Republican and conservative candidates elected.


  5. Let me say that I have know Bob Fike pretty much all my life, and I can attest that Bob is a true conservative and has voted Republican in every election for the past 40 years. I encourage all disbelievers to view Bob’s voting record at the office of Election Commissioners at the Government Center. It is a public record for all to see. Secondly, I have advise Bob to hire a very competent Chicago attorney to sue any other candidate that spreads salacious rumors, and donate any and all monetary damages to the City of Bloomington, keeping no award himself. I think the city could use a few million more dollars to help fix the streets.


  6. Bob Fike is a true conservative, and believes in spreading conservative principles among all peoples because of his deep beliefs. I was told that Bob and the guy in the white shirt were the first to arrive at the GOP event, and sat at an empty table. Bob draws conservatives and liberals alike, as he preaches the Good News of Conservative Principles, bringing multitudes into the GOP. This is why Mr. Fike will be the best candidate to defeat Tari Renner.


  7. I don’t think they had signs on the tables stating where to sit. We are not in grade school. I think it’s good that Robert is open minded enough to listen to and understand all points of view.


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