Small things should matter!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Government dreams big, of course with your money.  They don’t have to be responsible, thanks to the media who covers for them.

Diana Hauman filed to run for mayor yesterday, but didn’t attend the Council meeting.  You can see all the petitions filed here:

Do details matter?  Diana Hauman turned in 3 petitions without the circulator’s name completed at the bottom.  Those petitions would get thrown out if challenged.  Unless some other signers are disqualified for not being registered voters in Bloomington, she will still have enough signatures.  Does Bloomington really need a mayor that can’t complete petitions correctly?

I’ve got something even funnier.  Since I have readers all over the State, I hope Clark County residents see this.

The Clark County Clerk made a big mistake, nobody on their County Board noticed:

I am so sorry, but I put last year’s budget in the notebook that we pass around for the County Board to approve. So we approved last year’s amounts in error. Since our budget year begins December 1st , a Special Meeting must be held to approve the 2016-17 Budgets and Levies.
Honored to Serve,
Carrie A. Downey
Clark County Clerk/Recorder

Now they have to hold a special meeting:


That brings me to Bloomington’s Executive Session last night.  For some reason, instead of adjourning to Executive Session from the Committee of the Whole meeting, they considered it a separate meeting.

The agenda calls for Public Comment, but since this meeting has no video, I don’t know if anyone spoke or not.  Of course, the topic was more Probable Litigation.  Keep those legal fees rolling!





8 thoughts on “Small things should matter!

  1. Small things DO matter. Look at Renner’s petitions near the bottom. The person who circulated the petition fills in that section, signs it and has it notarized. There are three (3) different handwritings to identify the circulator on Renners petitions. Renner’s signature is on them. A PhD in political science running for re-election who made a mistake in judgement or something sinister?

      1. I have no idea how to do that. Maybe someone with experience can challenge. There are four sheets of signatures that are not “properly” completed.

  2. They will LOYALLY steal your hard earned $$$ and spend them as they please, even IF they have to break the law to do it! How’s that for an oath??

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