Bloomington is Chicago

Did Tari Know a large crowd was coming?  It matters.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Police Department was told loud and clear last night they were a huge problem.  I wonder how many officers today are questioning why they are willing to die on the job to protect and serve people who despise them.  I long line of public commentors made clear they think the police are racists bigots who scare kids.

I guess nobody noticed the meeting was illegal.

From the WJBC Facebook page:

Conducting the meeting in a room that could not accommodate all members of the public who wanted to attend means the meeting was NOT open to the public.

Of course, nobody will care or prosecute – laws are even more immaterial now in Bloomington.

Will the police refuse to protect people who don’t want their help, even subconsciously?  How long before Bloomington has neighborhoods too dangerous to enter – just like Chicago?

Two officers spoke before the vote – hit play below to hear one of them.  The other one was right before him.  Next forward to 53:30.  Under Roberts Rules of Order the person running the meeting isn’t allowed to bloviate in an attempt to sway opinions.  Tari Renner doesn’t follow the rules.

You need to hear Alderman Hauman’s comments at 54:44.  She was the only NO vote.  She was offended by comments made against the police during Public Comment.   She even called them out by name – like Mike Matejka.

PDF Page 126:

I have no idea why people were celebrating, the review board has no power and will only hear complaints after they are filed using the existing procedures.  We were told people are too scared to use those procedures, so really nothing has changed.

The police haters believe whatever they were told.  The only changes following this Council vote is costing taxpayers money with staff time creating and distributing materials in multiple languages and training the eventual board members.  If they do hear any complaints, nobody will ever know the details – that’s a secret.

Expect chaos, happens every time laws don’t matter.

If you see a Bloomington officer today, thank him/her for their service.



22 thoughts on “Bloomington is Chicago

  1. Look to Bloomington to totally lose control of its’ (growing) criminal underclass. Home invasions, burglaries, carjackings, and rapes will skyrocket. Decent citizens will have few options, other than arming themselves, learning self-protection strategies and installing alarms. Bloomington: The New Venezuela. Just as Tari has planned–the Barak model, applied to the local level.


  2. Maggie is right. Renner invites illegal aliens with one hand, then handcuffs the cops with the other. This city is going to become more dangerous very soon.

    Renner and this council (shocked Hauman was on the right side of this) sided with washed-up, pot-smoking hippies and hate groups over our highly professional cops.

    I’ve never been more ashamed of my BloNo community than I am now. 6,000 people voted for this Napoleon, and now we’re getting the govt we deserve.


    1. No, we are NOT getting the government WE deserve. WE DO NOT DESERVE dishonest, deceitful, ignorant, and lying rats to tell us what to do. Just because they were elected doesn’t mean that we deserve whatever methods they choose in a future realm to govern. I really hate that line that “we get the government we deserve” as you are only serving their interests in promoting apathy. No, no, no! We deserve better! People deserve better!


      1. Fair enough. I agree – in the truest sense of the idea – of course we’re not getting the govt we “deserve.” But if we conservatives & independents can’t put up viable candidates, and if we can’t get people to pay attention and vote – so only 6k leftists decide how a city of 70k is run – then the SENTIMENT is we’re not doing enough to keep these people out of power.

        Of course people deserve better.

        These leftists have been raised thinking they’re victims, and that social justice is a noble cause. And now one of them is in total control.

        Their ground game and organization is all they know to do, and they’re good at it. If you just judged by the amount of these people who showed up for these council meetings, you’d think “wow, there’s HUGE support for this.”

        In reality, there isn’t. They’re just the loudest and have the least amount to lose by being obnoxious, pot-smoking hippies and hate groups. They can yell and scream and shout down / insult their opponents……but they can’t argue / debate facts…it’s A.L.L emotion.

        Until we get down at their level….play their game…use Cloward/Piven and Alinsky on them….they’ll continue yelling, screaming and winning.


      2. Let’s not forget election fraud. Rampant in federal elections and the states. Anyone who thinks it can’t happen local is a fool. Look at the challenges that have been raised and dropped due to appointed officials that throw the challenges out. Yeah the fix is in alright. The good news is though that people are waking up and the demonrats have been exposed and their days are numbered. We’re all sick of the crybabies taxing us to death for their irrelevant toys.


  3. And I notice Tari didn’t say anything in support of the cops until Hauman did.

    “Oh…oh yeah…our cops are great people.”


  4. Sorry to hijack comments today. Did you catch his snide comment about you at 1:37:30 or so…during another vote? Couldn’t hear what was said, but he referenced “a certain blogger”…..

    What an immature little man.


    1. Tiny little man – yes he did make a snide comment about me, too bad we can’t hear the comment he responded to. BTW, the radicals have a site called insideBlnNews that has nothing to do with me. Maybe they think they can get readers to go there instead.


  5. Some observations from the video:
    1. Notice the body language of the seated police officer (front row left) who spoke during comments…arms folded…rapid leg movement.
    2. Notice that there were no persons of color observable. The comments in favor of the Board were antidotal in nature and made by Caucasians.

    These are rhetorical questions. Why didn’t each of those justice seekers stand with a person of color at the podium while sharing the most recent maltreatment they experienced specifically by the BPD? Why don’t the activists volunteer their time to assist the complainant with the process? Why do their demands keep changing? What’s next? What is the real ultimate goal?

    There are already in place several avenues to resolve conflicts. As the one Police officer reminded everyone, these groups opposed the Jefferson St. Community Center, the purpose of which was to develop relationships with the Police and the neighborhood.

    It is really unfortunate that no one was able to speak against the Board except the two Police officers. It appears as if they have no support from anyone, What Alderman Hauman said is true. Many people felt if they spoke against the Board, they would be harassed by the activists. Look what happened to the families who expressed opposition to the bike lanes on E. Washington St.


  6. One other thing…I wonder how this Board and the expressed concern of corrupt, racist, local, police will affect Economic Development efforts.


      1. Anyone with any intelligence can see right through Matejka, unless of course they are rank and file that won’t work if they speak out against him. Matejka is a pawn.


    1. How will the Board affect the criminal activity downtown, on the East side in Ward 5 and the South east in Ward 2? What about the hybrid gangs? So many questions unanswered…


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