The School Funding Showdown

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Democrats needed the help of Republicans to increase taxes.  Two from this area complied:  Bill Mitchell and Mike Unes

The GOP had the winning hand until 10 people pretending to be Republicans voted with the Democrats.  As a result NO reforms were passed and the path to destruction Illinois was on is the path Illinois is still on.

Thank you Republicans!

Bill Mitchell’s phone:  217-481-9092

Mike Unes phone:  309-699-8637

Maybe these two don’t know the facts.  The entire $5 billion tax increase is expected  to fund people not to work!  (pensions)

As of 2016, this is the funding of the 5 State pension plans:

TRS = Teachers’ Retirement System

SERS = The State Employees’ Retirement System

SURS = State Universities Retirement System

GARS = General Assembly Retirement System

JRS = Judges’ Retirement System

NONE are sustainable!

Thanks to the Republicans they won’t be anytime soon.

Thanks to Mitchell and Unes more tax increases will be needed because these people expect to get their pensions!

Both have one more chance:

Madigan is holding up funding for schools so he can force Gov. Rauner to agree to send MILLIONS more to the Chicago Public Schools to fund their pensions.

Some schools may not open if school funding is finalized.

If the Republicans cave again, CPS gets OUR money.  CPS created their own mess but they want a bailout from us.  They are on a different system than the rest of the State but they have mismanaged their funds just like Madigan has mismanaged everything else.

Either make a call or reserve your U-Haul today.  They are going fast!







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  1. Where is all the real estate tax money that went to schools. That alone should keep them open for a few months. ….and to Chicago schools, you mad your problem you fix your problem. Start by not giving in to Karen Lewis and her union flunkies demands.

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