This Labor Day vow to vote NO to Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin The citizens of Illinois saw truth by defeating a progressive income tax. Citizens now need to defeat Amendment 1 that only hands power to government unions. Note: The Constitutional Amendment that needs passed is a fix the pension system in Illinois. Pension debt is easily over $300 BILLION. Defined benefit programs will […]

The School Funding Showdown

By:  Diane Benjamin The Democrats needed the help of Republicans to increase taxes.  Two from this area complied:  Bill Mitchell and Mike Unes The GOP had the winning hand until 10 people pretending to be Republicans voted with the Democrats.  As a result NO reforms were passed and the path to destruction Illinois was on […]

NO Pension Bailout!

Over the weekend, the Peoria Journal Star published a letter to the editor from an elementary school principal in downstate Illinois. The introduction read: “Has anyone in an elected position in Illinois looked at the feasibility of pursuing a federal bailout of the state’s Teachers’ Retirement System?” Why yes – yes, they have. Back in 2009, Gov. […]

Illinois Pensions debt grew by nearly $12 Billion in 2012

Do Illinois unions have a death wish?  How many members were told to vote Democratic?  Hope you have alternate retirement plans. The Illinois Auditor General released a report last week which confirmed that the unfunded liability in the state’s retirement systems ballooned by nearly $12 billion in fiscal year 2012. The audit also finds three […]

More on Illinois Pensions

We’ve previously covered the dismal investment returns earned by the public pension systems for Illinois teachers, lawmakers and judges. It’s time to add one more. Although the pension fund for state employees predicted it would earn $850 million in fiscal year 2012, it actually earned less than $6 million. The fund posted an investment return of just 0.05%, far […]