This Labor Day vow to vote NO to Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin

The citizens of Illinois saw truth by defeating a progressive income tax. Citizens now need to defeat Amendment 1 that only hands power to government unions.

Note: The Constitutional Amendment that needs passed is a fix the pension system in Illinois. Pension debt is easily over $300 BILLION. Defined benefit programs will provide less money for Illinois to give to schools, that will increase property taxes. Of course Springfield ignores the obvious and tries another union giveaway instead. Pritzker is campaigning on he fixed the state’s finances. No he didn’t!

Get the facts:

Amendment 1 would guarantee higher taxes and debt in Illinois

Illinois retiree: Amendment 1 could cost me my home

Amendment 1 would worsen Illinois’ reputation as one of the worst

states in the nation for small businesses

The list goes on, read the story yourself, then:

Vote NO

See this editorial for more on Illinois pensions:





5 thoughts on “This Labor Day vow to vote NO to Amendment 1

  1. Absolutely correct. How is it that citizens can NEVER get a question on a state ballot? Another good question would be for allowing property tax caps. Many seniors are at great risk of losing their homes to sky high tax bills. Which party was it that always claimed to be for the little guy?

    1. The referendum process is purposely set up to be very difficult, especially in larger jurisdictions like the entire state. Can’t have those pesky ‘people’ circumventing, or worse, overriding their ruling politicians! If I’m remembering the law correctly, it would take about 450 thousand signatures to get a grass-roots statewide referendum on the ballot.

  2. Your comments are point on. Your example demonstrates how our state legislature is beholding to those who grease their palm. The unions spend big bucks to protect their own and this is two of the greatest examples of it.

    Fixing the out of control pensions system should be priority one and not a single one of them will make any attempt to address this every growing problem.

  3. No one attending the annual Democratic political parade down Front and Lee today sponsored by the local Mafia union gangsters? Free candy ya know?

  4. Every time a property assessor drives by they increase the assessed value of your property it seems like.

    The other day I was looking at property in Paris, FR. Property taxes on this $1.3M place is $1131.

    Since my mother passed away and we have several people interested in buying the home we might bail and sell it. Taxes in McLean County are high and they sure aren’t going down. Another we raised the assessment letter came last month,

    A cousin of mine is moving to TN. Him and his wife said they were tired of paying the high taxes in IL.

    I was watching a Youtube video last week. A couple sold their place, furniture, etc. and moved to Portugal .

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