Soeldner/Segobiano Charity Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin

County Board member Jim Soeldner’s Letter to the Editor today got me looking for an update to a story I did in March of 2016:

Another County Board member, Paul Segobiano, has his own non-profit charity called Great Plains Life Foundation.  Soeldner praised this charity for a recent event in his letter.

My 2016 story proves Segobiano was benefiting personally from his charity.  That story recapped the tax returns through 2014.

I found the 2015 return filed with the IRS.  The 2016 return is still missing.  See the 2015 at this link:

Total income was $150,784.

Grants for the intended purpose of this non-profit totaled:


Salaries and other expenses total $67,662.

It also shows CASH on Hand at the end of the year was $70,955.  Maybe 2016 was a great charity year, Segobiano should release the return to the public to prove it.

Page 3 claims Segobiano and one employee both work 40 hours a week for the charity.  The address given is in the old outlet mall in west Normal.

Recap of Contributions and Grants:

Obviously the intended purpose doesn’t get much of the tax-deductible money donated.

See all returns filed since 2004 HERE

Maybe Jim Soeldner can explain why he supports this charity.  Maybe Jim doesn’t know the facts.  Maybe he should, he’s running for re-election next year.

Anybody going to primary him?






5 thoughts on “Soeldner/Segobiano Charity Facts

  1. Thanks for revisiting this Diane. Donors usually do not take the time to understand where their money is going so anything that can bring abuse like this to light is a good thing.

  2. At a glace, the percent used for intended purpose is equivalent to the grant money received. The donations appear to be used for administrative costs. That’s like stealing from the clientele in need of the services.

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