Why is Hauman running?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why did she write this?

I believe she wrote this when Tari’s petition signatures were being challenged.

(Note the City stationary)


Just so you know it’s really her, this is from her campaign literature left on a citizen’s door:

haumancampaI admit I cropped the propaganda!




4 thoughts on “Why is Hauman running?

  1. What I find astounding are those homes who have a Renner sign in their yard and the streets in front of their home are a wreck. Knock knock hello are you totally stupid or what or perhaps blind?

    I was at the corner of East Washington and Mercer and turned south on Mercer today and both homes on the south side of Washington and the west side of Mercer had a Renner sign up. Good gawd what a wreck those streets are right there.


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